Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation v. Graham

Filing 33

ORDER granting #32 Motion to Stay. This case is stayed until 7/31/15 and on or before that date, the parties are to submit a status report. Signed by Judge Dudley H. Bowen on 5/4/15. (cmr)

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!h,ta ! DI r IN FILED U . S I S T R IC O U R T D CT TITE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR SOUTITERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA DUBI,IN DIVISION A T I I E A I J i I I S TD I V . -lr ?015llAY Pll3:3 | CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL S E R V I C E S C O R P O R A TO N , I Plaintiff, cv 314-023 JOSHUA KIGHT/ in hiq r,(f ir-i.l 1-1' as Conservator for CLaude Graham, Defendant. ORDER On April fttrrher Fo 30, 2415, Defendant fifed nrocecd a-low obrain fhe ina< ntrl rFS approva L of Dodge County, lefendant's the amount of the .aqo f vnr r L eXeCjLe a : s nar yE (Doc. no. ia,-] SeLLla'r6nt agreement jn thac reqJesL, pendinq iss-es f h ic LO ceorgia. all that in a motion to 32.) the af n inar,, probate and the for :.^ orru of consents Ptaintiff terms n:,,c Court to as Lhe p-roposed seLLlemenL will c.laim/ any e^ ! Er6.t o Y 1 6c6 1 L L e r r L L as to Defendant, s fiab;fily, stay resolve liquidarion satisfaction of of claim. Upon due considerarion, molion in this IT for stay IT ( d o c . n o . 3 2 ) i s GRAIITED. Further naLLer are sLayed uncil IS E\JRTHER ORDERED that Defendant I s IS ORDEREDthat proceedings .ruly 31, 2015. on or before Ju[y ]1 , 2015, rhe pafties 'nr r e.lF-d fimc f Lo ''Y <r rnmar\/ to sha-l-l submit ",,v i alarn6.l ohtain "a<-rl r1l j on l.laa nr'\ annrclval of a of sLatls Plaintif l7) the ORqER ENTERED aL Aug u s La, .1r +ha report f 's co Lhe n6h-.1i ^^ n! av/ !-! ar e l e i , v r L rrr nf Cou-rL F+r :d,'lir ian:l ea1- t I amanI |]cn-ni: thi e ,nr q UNITED STATE DISTRTCT JUDGE

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