Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation v. Graham

Filing 36

ORDER continuing the stay in this case and setting a status report deadline, (status Report due by 9/30/2015). Signed by Judge Dudley H. Bowen on 7/31/15. (cmr)

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NRIGINAL IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COT'RT FOR SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA DUBLIN DIVTSION FILED U . S . I S T R IC O U R I O CT rHEA!.';!5TA 0lV. nt5JUL t 3 CATERPILLAR FINANC]AL SERVICES CORPORATION. Plaintifff cv 314-023 JOSHUA KIGHT, in hic indivi.lrr:l -^nA.i l-\.1 as Conservator for Claude Graham, ^^f^-J-*r ORDER the Court ordered che parties On May 4,2415, a reporr sratus resol ution on or icc (Doc. no. agreemenc, f ilcd 2015, qr^r1rq : 33. ) qr,ai rar'r.rrr On JuIy j-hAr ino leave submir amhar ?O ,nl -eo.req- rr-.iac' an q is u p d aL e d lD.-\a ?/ s t a L us . / I ! - " l. n / r n " I . the ia< qn:l l resoluLion e r r l ^ ' mi r of rhc on or be fore rnn<ir]cr:rinn l-ha GRNiITED. rT fs ORDERED hat on or before L nrrf c!nF-l Lhe and requesting reporL drra of che 2015, 31, r ho\/ to be consunmated in the near future eonr regardi ng the summary judgmenE settlement ro submit of add iciona,l Lime to ooLain approval or the necessiry n:rr 31, pend-lng mot.ion Ior of Plaintiff's settlemenr JuIy before to A et:rrrq Plaintj ft's rFn^rr Seprembe.r 30/ 2015, Lhe i-^ pendjng iha a.\jirr motion ren:rdinn for surnmary j udgment (doc. no. I 7 ) nr rh ain Annr.r/a n' the RDER ENTERED at -hc ^^++1^6^^+ Augusta. "rc(-cqqr trr o' additionaI time d9!gsrL'srIL. Georgia, tnis .4^ "-+ d)/&{aay ot , 2Ar5 UNITED STA DISTRICT JUDG to

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