Wilson v. United States of America

Filing 13

ORDER denying 10 Motion to Vacate Judgment. Petitioner is not entitled to a Certificate of Appealability, rendering moot any request for in forma pauperis status on appeal. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 1/11/18. (wwp)

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I IN TEE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COI]RT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRXCT OF GEORGIA DUBLXN DIVTSION W M A R Q U ] SC O R T E Z ] L S O N , Dal-it ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) i^-ar V. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Paan^n^anl* C A S EN O S . C V 3 I 6 _ 0 4 1 cR305-024 u. s..D'sTRfcrcouRi soutftern Dbtrict . of FrrodIn offlcs GA ORDER Before the to Motion Court Vacate is Marquis Cortez (Doc. Judgment, 10. ) In n o l -i I i ^ pursuant to ,r.d. ac 1. ) \ , 5 ^ r t -a - . r Federal Periuioner Rule of C.ivrI Rufe 60(b) permirs irrdamcnr nrdcr motion, his makes his nrncaorti relieve nn (ar (fd. ) a party t-h6 habeas request Procedure 60 (b) . the CourL to -r- Wilson's the seeks Lo have Lhe judgmenr dismissing Petjtioner f in:l Petitioner i^l f ,rom a l^c7in^ reasons: (1) /Di <t:La awnrr<:l-r'l i n:drrarr o nonl -ence, surprlse/ or ' ocl- (2) newly discover:ed evidence that, with reasonable dj ligence, not have been could discovered in time to move for a new triaf under Rule 59 (b) ; (3) Ty: ,.1 /,..1-at-h6r r-a1,j1,.r11< qr .:l le,.J ,rt rin5i6 misrepresentation, or extrinsic), m-sconducl by an opposing party; (4) (5) , L-^ Lrrs fha L r^*^^r J u\.r9rLcrrL i rr'lrrmenr or ..^ --^i-J. -LD vu L!r, heq l-\aan e:t i ef i ecl ralaaca.l is or discharged; it based on an earl.ier judgmenr that has been reversed or vacaLed; l prospectiveLy or applying it equitable; or any other reason that justifies (6) Fed. R. Civ. Petitioner that (Doc. and 1. ) the Petitioner Petitioner's noL entirled "Lvv- ur,y -!y+!J! co a f nr So ORDERED is tn rel-ief . relief 60(b) (4) record motion longer c1ear, After: is no While noc enrirely seeks at 10 motion that P. 60(b). is not is under a in careful this i n DENIED. In f /1rrh. /Eday rev.iew case, entitled CertificaLe Rufe of n^1!hari to the Court -, eL c t-L u ,r^ - . and (6) . concludes Accordingly, Petitioner AppealabiJ ity, t Je appears Petitioner's of relief. additlon, iL ^r u hr is rendering .^-^dPPsdr. i of January 2018. W I I L T A M T . M O O R E ,J R , UNITED STATES DTSTRICT COURT D SOUTHERN ISTRICT OE GEORGIA

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