O'Kelley v. Warden

Filing 9

ORDER granting 4 Motion for Leave to Appear for attorney Brian Kammer. Signed by Magistrate Judge G. R. Smith on 4/28/15. (wwp)

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Case 4:15-cv-00104-WTM-GRS Document 4 Filed 04124/15 Page 3 of 3 United States District Court FILED U.S. DISTRICT COURT SAVANNAH DIV, Southern District of Georgia APR 28 2015 Dorian Frank O'Kelley, Petitioner Case No. Plaintiff V. Warden, GDCP SO.. DISI.fl Vl Appearing on behalf of Dorian Frank O'Kelley, Petitioner (Plaintiff/Defendant) Defendant ORDER OF ADMISSION It appearing to the Court that the requirements stated in LR 83.4 for admission pro hac vice have been satisfied, Petitioner's request to appear pro hac vice in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia in the subject case is GRANTED, 4 dayofP4t This' NAME OF PETITIONER: Business Address: Brian S. Kammer Georgia Resource Center Firm/Business Name 303 Elizabeth Street Street Address Atlanta Street Address (con't) City GA State 30307 Zip Mailing Address (if other than street address) Address Line 2 City 404.222.9202. Telephone Number (w/ area code) Email Address; brfl.kammCr(garesOflrCe.Org State Zip 406322 Georgia Bar Number GA •Case 4:15-cv00104WTMGRS Document 4 Piled 04124/15 Page 1 of 3 United States District Court Southern District of Georgia Dorian Frank O'Kelley, Petitioner Case No. Plaintiff V. Appearing on behalf of: Warden, ODCP Dorian Frank O'Kelley, Petitioner (Plaintiff/Defendant) Defendant APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE Brian S. Kammer hereby requests permission to appear pro hac vice in the subject PeWioner, case flied in the Savannah Division of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia. Ferirloner states under the penalty of perjury that (he/she) is a member in good standing of the Bar of the United Stales Court, Middle District of Georgia — Petitioner states further that (ha)she) is eligible for admission under Local Rule 83.4 and that (he/she) does not reside or maintain an office for the practice of law in the Southern District of Georgia. . John P. Batson as local counsel. His/her business address is provided below in the Consent of Designated Local Counsel. Petitioner fiuther certifies that (s)he has read, is familiar with, and will comply with the Local Rules of the Southern District of Georgia, J'etirtoner designates This April day of .2015. (Signature of Petitioner) CONSENT OF DESIGNA TED LOCAL COUNSEL John P. Batson , designatedlocal counsel for the subject vase, agree to readily communicate with 1. opposing counsel and the Court regarding the conduct of this case and accept papers when served and recognize my responsibility and full authority to act for and on behalf of the client in all proceedings related to this case, including hearings, pretrial conferences and trials, should the Peiltkner fail to respond to any Court order for appearance or otherwise. This__ day of 4€ _ Georgia Bar Number 706.737.4040 Business Telephone C._- . Signature of Local Counsel Law Office of John P. Batson P.O. Box 3248 Augusta, GA 30914_ jpbatscntao1.com - (Law Firm) (Business Address) (City, State, Zip) (Mailing Address) (Email Address) Case 4:15-cv--00104-WTM-GRS Document 4 Piled 04/24/15 Page 2 of 3 AG 136 (Rev. 995) Certificate of Good Standing UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT MIDDLE DISTRICT OF GEORGIA CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING I, William E. Tanner, Clerk of this Court, cert that Brian S. Kammer, Bar No. 406322 was duly admitted to practice in this Court on June 29, 2001, and is in good standing as a member of the Bar of this Court. Dated at Macon, Georgia LOCATION William E. Tanner CLERK on April 2, 2015 DATE s/CherylM_Alston DEPUTY CLERK

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