Club Factorage, LLC v. Wood Duck Hiding, LLC et al

Filing 54

ORDER DISMISSING CASE with prejudice. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 8/16/17. (wwp)

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TIIE IJNITED STETES DISTRICT COIJRT FOR THE SOUTIIERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA DIVISION SAVAN}iI,AH LLC. CLUB FACTORAGE, PfainLiff, C A S EN O . W O O D U C KH I D I N G , I L C a n d D T I M O T H YM . P E T R I K I N . Defendants. ORDER Before the is Court (Doc. Parties' the 53, ) Pursuant With Prej udice. Civj-I Procedure 41(a) (1) (e) (il), pursuant to ^.rFi 6c u,hn this action each bear "a h:r,o :nna:rad " Ac to an action of stipulation Notice disnissaf r a Y e !rer a q l o d .r ! I of DismissaL RuIe Federal may be drsmissed by signed hrr rha D I R E C T E Du o c l o s e own costs this t So ORDERED rrj,s and fees. The Cferk of all narticqI I',e'r j-s DISMISSED WITH PRE,fUDICE. The parties their of uvt shafl Court is case. /6*day of August 2017. WILLIAM T. MOORE, JR! UNITED STATES DISTR]CT COURT SOUTHERNDlSTRICT OE GEORGIA

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