Monsegue, Sr. v. United States of America

Filing 21

ORDER ADOPTING the 15 Report and Recommendations denying the 2255 Petition. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 6/27/17. (wwp)

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IN THE T'NITED STA,TES DISTRICT COURT THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA SAVAIINAH DIVISION F R A N KD . M O N S E G U ES R . , Petitioner, . CASE NOS CV4:-6- O2 1 cR414-019 U N I T E D S T A T E SO F A M E R ] C A . Respondent ORDER Before the Court Recomrnendatlon (Doc. (Doc. 18, filed record, Recomrnendation is is DENfED. fn aArr i f i ^.t- fnr in is a frrn: imnrnnar'l sidebar cLaims his u with that Petitioner's Annorl h.rt- iainrl- ori alleged of - the a nd in this S 2255 Petition not na anneal rn^.f The to entitfed rc.rrraqt CIerk of Court case. pej-ifir)-Fr counsef. the ron.iori qt-A- 1q on nL\ie^tinnc- is been RarJ^rf opinion Court's Petitioner this f hF and objecLions PeLitioner's 28 U.S.C. -ahi I i trr ne,rnar'r q D I R E C T E Dt o c l o s e rn the A D O P T E Da s have de novo review Accordingly, addition, nf that Report Judge's objections a careful concludes As a result, case. which to After merit, without are rhe Magistrate 15) , 19.) Court the is i- (Doc. hla^ 1B at participation .'Firns na^^l-irl- 6-1 .) that ianc Also, was not thiS r'lrrri Court n^ Petitioner transcribed a -hc hrr .rl )rt (Doc. case. L9 l^'nrh hrri- was Pecicioner n| hq: l nYa ri ln q v v g g I J J U u g +i |c Y a h l ! L l l v claar 1)q G.1a 1v\ - r r Lt ernyn ej . r p e r q| L do that in the anv defendanl nninn ..rn ^l^^! Prso\tr. . lvl rll rime-consuming, "l I Lrt y livs crr-1 . rha defe^dar. that ^l+ me because I useless r^rhir-h r^raq (CR414-019, Doc. lr zvn a u r l n ^-Id ^.\rrrr 1-hie ' I clr savs .l.1aq intend don'r co the back-and-forth caler-l-i he def endant the .J^.,- ie nn nrcrr-oqq buc we go ahead and pick plead, -nn arr\1 don't ,,r^11 y arr does F-l1. with not ^L-^,,+ tO want i! rL, involved Lhis the WantS SCi Ll want Lo ger p.rocess oa r^rhrr l-hie ovr-hrnlro irrrrr nl continuousl y (onnnd understand d'rrina tha r^l l d_Lt wr rrarr on nnrrnqol by time record. Ac don't urharo wants to then you telI hora 1r ! tlme. T r m j -^ l d N^r.7 - the of incorrecr doFanca l-ha Lh-zs i n ^'rilrrr nF riaht Rr:l '- ^ -\ c -hsr ^f+ar n1 r'arl nlarr]inn in record nn 1 af jury's the the wholly r ' li . l !uv l-r^nq^rinf /NAll of is rr | i n n r r i {rrc Y q 4 d j ' :hnrrr l-ha this Ic . c r r lr e ti rm, nF r a^!r wasting .rA t-hrf l tha and made part r^'l at m:.JF. n.r r- Petitioner 1.) ainrl l-rrr transcribed I aE tri r<r- nra a v r tr is^ Fvi ,^, ^ r r e9 n ur p< i l r !r \ , s ancl renor+er jury to ^-.1 crru in a out l S O O R D E R E Dh i s t n-td ,4 /'day of June 2017. WILLIAM T. MOOREI JR' U N T T E DS T A T E S D I S T R I C T C O U R T SOUTHERN DISTRfCT OF GEORGIA

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