First Citizens Bank & Trust Company, Inc. v. Bacter Waste Solutions, LLC et al

Filing 28

ORDER dismissing 15 Motion to Appoint Receiver; dismissing 20 Motion for Default Judgment; dismissing 26 Motion to Appoint Receiver. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 6/19/17. (wwp)

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I ,i {,1 i' r -', ,,:.' ;:,, U . ! . l r i : : -... ; . r ' j : ,i ;.:'.,,..:,r:ijri COI,'RT FOR IN THE I.'NITED STAITES DISTRICT TI{E SOUTHERNdrsrRrcr oF cEoRclfflJi:li lq IHERN sAvANlrFH DTVTSTON ili ll: +a, E'IRSTCITIZENS BANK & TRUST COMPANY,INC, , CASENO. CV416-3OO BACTERWASTE SOIUTIONS/ LLC and TYRE M. STONE, ORDEB Before as to Defendants 's P-laintiff the of (Doc. 22) for not rlaf:rrl I Circuit 2AI7 , regarding Defauft feeL case is Court was it prudent made to lacks grant --T-"-*l|- cf earf and Doc. 26). Eor that Tyre t.he case as to as to -rArar^ani it 20) apprised Defendant Stone. stayed Judqment (Doc. (Doc. 15; the authority Stone to enter plainriff's DISMISSED. Plaintiff, "even the Defendant Defendant Stone, p.cter of M. that Accord_ingly, as to Defendant Stone is i,r.lnmonl- has stayed Defendant Default M Stone Court to as the for motions are DISMISSED. t.he bankruptcy a result, Because the Motion Receiver Appoint and subsequently order does PLaintiff's Plaintiff's 8, a (Doc. 22\ , es Motion to reasonsr February ex.istence is Bacte-r l.daste and Tyre Motions foflowing 0n any Court the s WaSre. when the Court request The for Eleventh defenclants are I siri larlv ha ah+aF^.r sirriared- Midwest ElecLs. on *2 (S. D. Concrete 4, Fla. 2015) ) . intertwlned doing Mocion for 22, rhe Waste in this DefauLt DISMfSSED. Plaintift appo:ntmenr diversity. 1289, Plaintiff a Nat'f 1291 Inc., of 2008 WL Doc. June lJ-ability 1s when Cir. 1998) 1L337779, onlv It Iiability. beinq would be as prohibited Lo from De FenrJant' s n,r- rr- Defendant rhis Stamp v. (S.D. Ffa. Accn-di Eo 26. ) receiver Inv. cited Mayorga Bacter Waste moLion upon conclusion is of proceeciinos. P'ship (11th has 15; situated *2 must al-so DISMISS Plaintiff's (Doc. Receiver. Cir, "when defaL-rIr- judgmenr enLer Stone may refile Defendant Stone' s bankruptcv The Court Waste's Judgrnenr as v. Stone's case while Defendant against Inc. sjmi larfy (citingr Defendant Lo Fans, not be entered 2015 WL 3556972, at CourL other 151.2 (11th 1499, not USA Corp.,. 2015 WL 12803630, 2AI5) case, the if Coast outcomes for Defendant Bacter f.or Bacter so Inq., this with improvidenL Defendant In GuLf Mega Travel Sept. & Pavers, ,.lefendant iudqment should inconsistent in shnrr'd' _ 140 F.2d fnc., i qrs d,n, n- c- r " c y . ! r J !!oL!!"t merits." default defendants. " Machado v. at the I m p s. , may result 'r -hle- ' dcf : -I'r'-r('.r F As a result, 1984). ic r^ prevaiLs defendant' y J\Jtttc! Corp. Motions Federal a v. see afso Nat,I IP court sits Hous. Dev., Co. *1 (N.D. Ga. Georoia .sr^re faw at governs }aw district Appoint to v. in this in 153 F.3d Ceflner Dec. the 78, Tech. 2008) . case. If Plaintiff wishes receiver, to Pfaintlff of this order a pursue may fite new motion his claim within citing for fifteen the appointment days fronr the appropriate lLg^a y a date Law and standards. thi s SO ORDERED of of June 2017 WILL]AM T. MOORE, U N I T E D S T A T E SD ] S T R ] C T C O U R T D SOUTHERN ISTR]CT OE GEORGIA

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