United States Of America v. $9,000.00 in U.S. Currency

Filing 10

ORDER granting 8 Motion for Default Judgment and Final Order of Forfeiture. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 7/31/17. (wwp)

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rN THE UNTIED STAIES DTSTRTCT COURT qeFl l . , .J|JI Ji TEE soIxTEERN DISTRICT oF GEoRGIA i,ii iJ : :5 SA\TAbII{AE DIWSTOII UNITED STATES OE AMER]CA. Dliihfi€€ CASENO. CV416-31I $9,000. OO 1n U.S. Currency/ n^f^-,r^-+ DEFAI'IT Before Default In of JIJDGMENT A}ID FINAT the Court is the United Judgment and Final that application, judgment thcrein>frar the Order States' of Uniced against f h,. ORDER Ot. EORFEITT'RE asks in $9,000.00 '\nafan.lrnF P r nvn ,s !r r r ; " q1l I r { ! :e / having j nterest an following reasons, On November \/-ri F:a-l -)€f,-^.-l:-J- f ha 2I Ifaf furnished I fOr S 88f (at (6) intended i s 1 L . the errhio/-r because to be :e rnr rheir and i ncr heirs, entitieS Property. United 'l ir 'f hc ) / entry Currency urol l DerSonS 8.) For che GRANTED. fOrfeiCUre lDnr- pr'rlnari\7 nrl^or Defendanl the 201,6, 16, Dr/.^^-,--7 or :l the mot.ion is .^rFl.;-l- cnr'l:nf U.S.C. in :-rd the for U.S. Va:ressa Vazguez-Hernandez and Gernaro Barrera, .^..1 :--.r.rrq (Doc. Forfeiture. States for Appfication r/1 ic States r l:llF n f-nnrnl ai nr f/rrf :llpaoe a i r L r r! r . a u v in i-h:l- ^rrr<,,inF r^ uu{Ju (f) exchange a Fhe acrainst constj Luted furnished fil-ed money for a controfled (3) money used or and/or a violation rem that ' . r i l -h Q q yrl r . . \r na"nt a . + : el r / l !r v r I.a.l tha r- nrrrr thic rrrIa f ar <,rl-rianl- actjon a erli the $14,560 in Jan. 30, not'r-e its serving U. S. 2013). of and stated Stated proof at trial. the for known potential P. , Supp. R. G(4) (a)- (b) . i -h a rotice ro Srares v- *2 consecutive cfaimanLs (Doc. days 3) . of supporr able be (S. D. ca. Governrnent complied n.rhl i sh j no thirty to See Unired Iikewise. hr; LOcation forfellure facts 2AI3 WL 394155, at l-ha was fifed, the thar- Lhe Government w-ll f L 'ri 1 - r or l the acrion sufficient before ornrrndq Y-vurruJ ^ccnri which fOr Actions. rL re ' h - rn.t under statute R UI e S ^ ^ n ^I rL I , L l :E ^ . 1 u LUT qfafF.l and sihen rhe - ^ mlh lrrl r Lvr y facts Currency, rc.rrrl renerrs website nn mrlaF lhe t -'-^ f! vn v na-J- i/-r-laFi-r' federal reasonabl-e believe burden on ,-^,iIian vcLt.Ltclr, nri when seized was brought/ meet its on r-a-irrri r,::cnr:h1a Lhe properry identified ..r1^ vYar ir Forfeiture Asset U[,PLJ- ^ Slnn l eman'a l aa<a-i ./-\ i C v rm n lp r ( 1- -. L -l r L v n LL l m>+ w Li r-r l ^ n! a Sr-^h c61.'ar^maht T h. a L f - rq!lLuu nr-^nart-\, L! oI rha and Clairns action forfeiture i , e. J lc- q L fur L + . - he nf G ! P 4^!^-^l rE!,rsraa a RuIe q4 ancl Marit-ime .jrr R from arises v Aclmiral i\/ a civil Government brinqs facilitate (Doc' 1.) Substances Act. of the Controfled Where the Lo such an exchanqe,' be used to to lntended Controlled the of violation (2) proceeds traceable Substances Acr,' in in substance wjrh the f orf eiture (Doc. Fed. 5) R. and Civ. As hr r v fi r l Y h ^ ' qv a in reflected rn n- airr i nr ara<r .v arqrra, r,ifh the i n < t -: n z r i - ^ ^ Lr.\- F ( J+ r r s ^L wrr.riE aa :nr.i .v ..r ri s n u r r ra L n c l - wirh United of entities or h:rre in o|/Irso!cr f i l e.l ei rher acrion. r-his the Court with should not be granted to ie pr.rnarf hofnra for Motion No cause to Ilofanr.l:nj- <r:n,4ina States' ^-*^--^.1 -^ iS before why ludgment by default qi:l- prr-\rtarf \/ l - r af a n ' - l : n r .J r \e , persons no record, l-ha the United E-r-ril^o-n^ra v a^rrrl- +^ ra j-6 /-\hia.j- Judgment and Final Default show fhe order Forfelture. Therefore, is it ORDERED, AD,II'DGED, and DECREED hereby that: The l. and Einaf Order 2- The forfeited ti Lle, to Defendant the claim ? forever nafah/l.-1- ?dr16 z -Aarr p-d \/i Americaf the i- h6i persons :ecrrr'rc barred D?^n6Y1 L r condemned and and all right, Defendant. Property hoi rc by rnri and enciLies are vesred in of America; States qrr-rr6qq-rq are orher u us9rLLEri hereoy is of ro F.^rrarr and all Lhe United States interest. and for GR;AI.ITED; Property United \/r?drra?-l-lArn>n.laz assigns, is Forfeiture of Motion St aces' United r,. +l-^ arA-= from :.l..j :l l rrl^ar assercing Def SonS a claim i - and entities againsL the The 4- United authori zed desiqnee :^^^r.-l; to -^ -hr. 5. shaII rlrrrsrranf RrrIe 58 of upon the Default 6. dispose faw and regulatory C l e-tz same terms is Cferk the S O O R D E R E Dh i s t rhe Rules conditions Order of Court 3tv d a y an Defendant Property procedures; Federal and of of or Service l^e.ehV DIRECTED to Judgment and Final The Marshals States is of as enter Civil DIRECTED to of JuIy I Pro cedure in this close this outlined Forfeiturei i ,, d.rman and 20 1 7 v V t L r l A M T . M O O R E ,f R . U N I T E D S T A T E SD ] S T R ] C T C O U R T SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORG]A

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