Bigglest v. Colvin

Filing 16

ORDER ADOPTING the 14 Report and Recommendations - IRS Summons, affirming the Commissioner's final decision. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 8/21/17. (wwp)

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IN THE TIIE SAVAIiINAH DIVISION J A M E SA B I G G L E S T , Plaintiff, 3 C A S EN O . C V 4 1 6 _ 4O -!ht\\, r 1 ..-" I nr!!t oLt\n -^r nu:ing SecuriEy, C o m m i s si o n e r o I S o c i a ] Defendant ORDER Before the is Court (Doc. Recomrnendation Magistrate the 14) , which ] to Report Judge's has Plaintiff and fifed l ^hlA.-t'-nq js Lhere An.J orlu l J lv^ ., - \- u r e . l l r e q J sL J t a Ser-rrrif rr I fd . \ ! u t The decision provided records of not R e c o f i u n e n d a r i o nc o r r e c L l y nhlinrrinn r Nancy A. Secrrritrz Carnlvr f^ Ber-ryhill and W ncrqon:l vL-ru..u, h.:s Cn-rr:n is hecr :q t-he to |,h? in | -erricr^r l' ryr FhA more than the the rhe Acting Commlssi-oner has .6a.rdc l-Lo Report 'r'r -hi A.-f irfl s s i L Socia,t enrrissioner ^ rrsra.f Procedure. 25 {d) of the Federal Rules lof Civil C o u r L i s D I R E C T E DL o a m e n d L h e c a p r L o n a c c o r d i n g l y . and ..r'^'^r f-!c.-cr nr Commissioner of Acting s rhhf ifrrteci ir deFah.lanr support Moreover, rerriew now the r-on^ludes A p p e a - L sC o u n s e . L Law Judge and the that qOC jaf t' a/-\ll-- that benelj Ls of ccinra- ^^ merit. case this a denia] r^'\ni A.-inn dlsabled. stated olgusD supporc are without the Adminiscracive was -"- or hr-Jic | r -: L - i (o nr.. ^ e. r L rr 5 r l .:a.eftt At1-e- objections Pfaintiff that 2. \ al Plaintiff's that r^rit h h e a r i. n lrr r Y r r-eu u h L5 r r i. s l l evidence insuIficienE -r\1uL l rI rn r 1 -5 \. . L 1 The . Cferk RUfe of evidence basis is for a is case. this ) t.taL ADOPTED : s decislon this in ) rt9 tho . (Doc. 14 at ^^^^ nuru Corrrt's AFFIRMED. The - ^ f r - t^9 !r] /r / Lu r , rha oni n.ion CLprk 5.) of and there As a result, QFn.,rr- is dlrected to case. tnis So ORDERED 2'/!aay of August WI L L I A M T . no Qq6oIInTigndaCiOn Corunissioner's the Court er-ri is 2AL7 . MOORE, JR. U N I T E D S T A T E SD I S T R I C T C O U R T D SOUTHERN ISTR]CT OF GtrORGIA final cLoSE

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