Green v. United States of America

Filing 17

ORDER denying 16 Motion for Certificate of Appealability. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 6/29/17. (wwp)

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.. , - '.:'; D1$T;tir.;T i U.S, il01i;1 rN TIIE uNrrED srATEs DrsrRf,cr couRT FoRsl:s',:..trlili0iV. THE SOUTHERN DTSTRTCTOF GEORGTA ,nr?\'u]r '_ :t ?Q pl| ?:11 7 I rr L- }1' sAvAl{t{AH DMSION TIMECKA GREEN, D^1.iti^h6v CASENOS. CV41]-OO1 c R 4 1 5- 2 0 4 UNITED STATES OE AMERICA, P^<r'\/-\n.lanf Before 12) , which (Doc. 15) the this court to Court an appeal first Peti-tioner a has Court Clrcuit Pursuant taken in COA. This substantial right. Slack has carefully v. showing McDaniel, considered 28 matter 529 directed of U.S.C. the only denial U'S. PeEitioner's 413, S the unless may issue of (Doc' Certificate to this certificate made a The Court for 15.) be has Appeals as a Motion construe (Doc. of Appeal of Notice Petitioner's may not issues constitutional (2000). Eleventh ("COA-) .1 Appealability 2253\c\, is Court the of if a 484 case and l This Court must point out Ehat it has expressly denied such a the Court adopted (Doc. 10) the request on two occasions. First, (Doc. 7) , which it R e p o r t a n d R e c o m ' r r e n d ao n Judge's Magistrate has Petitioner not receive a COA. Because it recornrnendedthat the Circuit in the past' for the Eleventh been insufficient -L'^- -^ '-OA should issue in that ^L*a - Y L , " -^T a n ' r r - F l s . r e -v !n JrJeYs s l " D L -^ v e r (Doc. 10 at is that stif -L not 1. ) Apparently. order. same c n o r r o h- T h e F l e \ / e n f h C i r c u i t not/ con'nands this Court to construe notice of appeal As yet another request for a COA Petitioner's is of whethel: Petitioner determihation requires a third that time is tne Hopeful Iy, che third Eo rhe cercificate. enritled charm, finds that requesr by woul-d be f-er- he cannot i f i.^l-F Petirioner moot. .\f rneet the for Accordingly, Anna:':hr ''t\/ So ORDERtrtnts Z?tday D above standard. leave !o appeal Pet.itioner's 1f... 12\ rS As a result, in forma construed any pauperis Motion DENIED. of June 2017 W I L I , I A M T . M O O R E ,J U N ] T E D S T A T E S D JS T R CT COURT D IA S O U T H E R N I S T R I C T O T GEORG for

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