Watson v. United States Of America

Filing 4

ORDER ADOPTING the 2 Report and Recommendations dismissing the 2255 petition. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 6/23/17. (wwp)

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THE UNITED STATES DI STRICT COI]RT THE SOUTHERNDISTRICT OF GEORGIA DIVISION SAVATiINAH IN TYREIK WATSON, Dat-it-i^n6r . C A S E N O S C V4 I 1 - A 1 I cR413-128 U N I T E D S T A T E SO F A M E R I C A . P6ch^h.lahf ORDER Before Court (Doc. i t R e c o f i r , n e n d ao n (Doc. flled record, is 2) the the Court is carefuf merit. In DISMISSED as successive. entit-Led to a CertificaLe f ^r qr.r Clerk is of Court This habeas certification alfowinq the f v. l\r rL m : l ts na oeri D I R E C T E Dt o c l o s e mav onlv entertain the petition. Eleventh a rendering /'1n :n--roal second or not moot ThF successive rece ive s defendant C-ircuit Under Efeventh is case this after from Petitioner qf ,f l- '1< c }JuuYv!+J .in this S 2255 Peti-tion Appealabj lity, petition Court corpus i n of addj-tion, the and Report opinion Court's of objections the 28 U.S.C. Petitioner's As a result, review Petitioner's the -ana'l L^^^^ nn^ novo Accordingly, ADoPTED as RFn.\rl- ,Tud.re'S nhiocl-i de that concfudes Recommendation is case. Ma.ri sf raTe , . r hi n h After 3). without are f hF court Circuj-t of Appeafs Rule 22-3(a), Defendant must Second or E lorranth f Circuit. C-Lerk s r r c r : e s sj r r e inn irn,rir- n<i of nei i I i on lJELr rfv,t on Defendant's required ic an Successive nal-il- 4r file nn rha Court, in thiS rhr^ c|nno<ei,,^ certification Corpus Habeas JqeruJrrvc, S fo.r "Aopfication Lrr-!r 2255 Fnrm \-vu! Petition L rlo.l I- !r a the ^ronlrrdod he the Florrcnrh second or curlent f rnm IJ!cu until Fife wj-th iha Because from the Efeventh S o o R D E R Et h i " S t 4 f u y D hrr f j-'ling Court. to Petition" nrnvi before ^^.,rF Leave receives r u fr ! r l i nro - Y r rhe Circuit. of June 2017. W]LLIAM T. MOORE, U N I T E D S T A T E SD I S T R I C T C O U R T SOUTHERN ]STRICT OF GEORGIA D

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