Bacon v. Georgia State Prison

Filing 8

ORDER denying 6 Motion for injunctive relief; denying 7 Motion for interlocutory appeal in forma pauperis. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 9/21/17. (wwp)

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rN ?HE uNrrED s"A?Es DrsTRrcr coIrtrsFBYbTRtcTcouRT THE SoUTHERN DISTRICT oF GEoRq$8\.rthern Districtof cA DIVI SION Filed In Office . M. --*--Q[IT- zdl__ TERRY BACON, D-t; DePuty Clerk t i ^-ar CASENO. CV417_OBO V. GEORGfASTATE PRTSON, Pa-n^n,-Jan]. ORDER Before the is Court (Doc, Injuncrive Relief fn Forma Pauperis Petitioner's motions Terry Petitioner 6) and Motion (Doc. 1). Bacon's Interlocutory for For Motion the following for AppeaI reasons, are both DENIED. l In his Petj t-roner enLirety vaguely '1 , On June, A.) Motion 2 0 1 1, has Pet Ltjoner that would warranL that Petitioner an appeaf issues a issue only requesls of is his an S 2254 peti tion as current case j nterl,ocutory to Certificate taken of in this Appealability, to dismissing before RaLher, appeal. (Doc 7. ) Ehe (Doc. successi ve, pending appeal Forma Pauperis, appea1." order attempting be In 'tinLerlocutory habeas cLaim. Pursuant may not rf no $n Appeal Cou.rc Lssued an Lhis Pecitjoner's of dismlssaf I nte!l-ocut.ory For this it Court/ s 28 U.S.C. matter rhis unfess This PeLit j.oner has made a substant ial Court appears earller S 2253\c), the court certlficate showjng of may the denj al of consrir-urional a righr. alv u.> 413, 484 (2000) . his In motion, showjng subsLanrial Allhnrrnh .'liffi.rrlt discernjble AppeaI r also aarr cf irinnar riocq Pecicioner's MoLion in forma pauperis difiiculr :- Motion for s ,nnaf Lhe requesced -rrli srJi t-f : r'1a I < .o^ fi r . h ! u /\ lor any is of LnrerlocuLory Per.icioner on appeal, in^n in i,,h-+ injuncrion fnr hasis / o ^ P ll o f \" vn ^ , " ir^Y ^ , i^r In Lhls j-s reguesL entitled not \ unclear. ini F"rp.lri at Fh-l- I moLion, u^,.'^,?ar to -lz Court rr Ca'arai ( S. D . - -:nn^t- Ga. la--r.i an chis tOI underlying is unable to No. July rr 4:15- 6, a m. a L oL - ] , , r! l equall y Pecitioner FL'^ Wirhout rrr-tinr- is Rel ief this /T.-l q6a h'q 3 6 16 6 2 6 , ai 5.) is ra.flraql WL lnluncLive (Doc, l ! r I U V 4 l l J q / r \ L J . / iti 2016 o r o v i. .c J d - l i-,, ry. decipher. to Dar ^hi A JP -n rn n ^E a r a u f r r nvf -:aht a CerLificaLe To rhe extenL olNrno.] r.n^l nr-\t granring is provide to /-n"rcFiirrl D X S M I S S E D S M O O Tb e c a u s e P e t i t i o n e r A ificrFo CV-163. Pcr faifed wou-Ld warranL rhar proceed to has denial I nr,r Therefore, Pelitjoner' / ru n n y - u f rrhl \ r fnl In ['orma Pauperis requescing is a of f^ clajm Appealabi 1ity, Petltioner 2016) dofe out ' The request could be read as Court also finds that Petitioner's s e e k i n g p e r m i s s i o n f r o m t h e E l e v e n t h C i r c u i L C o u r L o f A p p e aL s t o alLow this Court to consider a successive habeas petitlon fifed by Pecitioner, To Lhe extenc this is the case, PeciLioner's ttocion for Interloculory Appeal fn Forma Pauperis should be DENIED because such a reguest must be filed in that court. i ni rrnrt i rra i rr r i e r l i n r i pf ral i n n : l }^i.aei < Moreover, ro arLempEed fl li ng al so f aj l. As rnr dni the absence the 1n na noted t,nr]ar'l vi nrr <url/\ exrenL P e Li L i o n e r ' s rhat another of of S previoudly 2254 petitionf by Lhi s fnr h:ha-ac requesc rhaL CourL, is an c.Laim must ioner has l :l ra:r]rr i h{. Filad Renorr was nrrmsr.\rlq arrJ Rcrormenrjar to instructed Cjrcuir CourL of cd',':tron lnsin^:rcq fnr Elevenrh ^rionte.l filing .r.>n-inn Circuit -rirrnr:f i rre Pel i cf Lo nf Jcn'r Petit ini|naj- file lh:s a ion from -oner hahFis f a has .\hr :rin habeas the chis p 75t - 1d, e-l his Eleventh successive CourL Jacks n eLfT i t i o n . IJL 1?11 F-.-n Mocion 's DENIED, or/f SO ORDERED hj s frt '4ut L n f qan, WII],IAM aml-ra T. r ) a1 'l^ \ I21B r. v^I J ! v v l n9 r . r \ / i 7 ' r F J na-miqcinn peLition. ) pFl- il- loner an addiEional Cnrr or /ftnr- a^rrr. <r-nnassive Recause a* ial permission, r-.nqiz'taFla hv rpl permission obtain Appeals before qFcr\/- ^ n 1 ' 4\ /11Frl-r:e ie To v first i -n (Id, ) Vl/ithout this habeas petiLion. itrrr nar-irinne 1 MOORE, U N I T E D S T A T E SD I S T R I C T C O U R T SOUTHERN ISTRICT OF GEORGTA D 2 the lar

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