Mitchell v. Johnson et al

Filing 13

ORDERED that respondent file a response and to show cause why relief should not be granted. Glen Johnson (Attorney General) answer due 4/15/2018. Signed by Magistrate Judge G. R. Smith on 2/14/18. (Attachments: # 1 Gen Order - Dec 3, 2015) (wwp)

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Case 4:15-mc-00022-LGW 1 Document Filed tZl03l15 Page L ot 2 .COUBT UNITED SfAT&S DISTRICT SOIffi{F;Rf',I DI$TRICI OF GF,ORGIA Pl{ 20lit]EC-3 tr:l9 CLER DTWSION SAV ts FILEO Vl' u !.[?{'11'll l,'o! tc4r5-089 Pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding betweenthis Court and the Attorney General of State of Georgia, effective December 1, 2075, the Georgia Attorney General has agreed to accept electronic service of petitions for writs of habeas corpus filed by state prisoners under 28 U.S.C. S 2254. Notice and service of such petitions will be made to the email add.resses designatedby the Attorney General under the Court'e Electronic CaseFiling Syetem(CNOECF). The Attorney General will initially be listed as a "Notioe Only Party" pending the Court's prelirninary review of the petition under Rules 4 and 5 ofthe Rules Governing Section 2254 Petitions. Serviceof the petition will be accepted upon the entry of an order. directing a response by the Attorney General. A copy of the Memorandum of Und.erstandingis attached to this General Order. SO ORDSRED,this j * day ber,2015. Wood Judge, Southern District of Georgia case4:15-mc-00022-LGW nt 1- Filed l2l13l15 Page 2 of 2 MEMOB.ANDI,IIf, IJNDERIITAT{DING OF ONACCAFTA}ICE SEBVICE 1'IA THE COI'BTs CTT{/ECF SYSIEM OF IN WnmJ OtFAnA$t @SAUSmrgStJAr*TTO 28 U.S.C. 2264 S of To &cilitste anrl aesurs tio4y oodotco pocaeg and to prurvidee&qu8te tiuo to uoder 28 US.C. 3 9264 tbe Ulit€al Statot Dirtrftt Court ansrd habae ctlnrr 1letiti@a br the Southem DigHct of g.oryia ald th€ AttoEey Clsldal of the StatEof Georgiaegtce ltir F8ree|tlcrt rddreegct ceree itt wlich tbc Untted to tbs iaocedur6EBst ftrdih bkrr. ato States Dbtdat Judg6 or Magietrats Judgd &terillnog that seFica doeumetrts to ir6us, rcgiarilleeaof whetbs! tr!6 f,ling fre tar been paid. Thaeepocailrrree shdl ta&a effoot ftr ary caro fileil after Ileoeaber 1, 3016, 8Dd lsmein j1 €fioct ultl teraiutod by tle Attmery Generale Ofice or the Court At case op€leirrg the caee Frnagsr will add tte Attcnoy Generale Ofics of the State of Georgia aa a 'l{otice O$ P$dlt to tb€ Courtr CaseMala$ueat adl Electrouic Caso fiUag Syateo (CIIXECD. lbe Attoraey Gooaral'g Ofice irill therby ttaoivg clsstronic notice of all cas€fitrDgs and acdvity, iaduating the cassinitieting ilocumont , to any e-mail eccounts tpocifie.l by t'hat ofice in tbeir Wotioe Oo$l deaignation If the ia ou Attaraey Gsneral ultimate$ oatere an apDEalatlco beba[ of one or mce regpo,uilonb the caeq th6 'tiloticc ODly Partt' sitr be terntnrted aoal the ittotroy entaring an will be ileaignat d et ths counrl to whm ft:thar aothe ir seat, appearance Purgusrt to tbe Bules 4 aail 6 Goranias $ 2261 Casss'loDowiugpreliminary rrdew ty che Coulq t.b6rcepmdent ie requit€d to aaaweror o6bersigererpo'urlto the podHouooly if cilereil to ilo aoby the Court Ia ite odsr, the Cou* will fir tho tiao by wbch :eapooae tbat enby of the ruat be marle, ooroa& allmiag 60 day8, Ihe Attoruy Gcaeral agreee ordcr to rolpord ou thc iloc&otby tht CIe* cmpliea sitjh t[e requin'oent of 6*vico of the petbion on the rcepodeu! the Attoosy G€Earal, ot otber approprlete ofEcc aad tiat 6ce tho odst i. eBt4ced. aervicsig accopted deaigated by thp Attuaey General'a The ftIlorwiry src ths irritial ensil arfdreaaes ofios: Bsth Burtoa: Panla Suith: GODBEYWOOD,Chi€f Judsp Udtail StatesDistdct Cou$ Soutb€ra Diot8ict of Gooryis Statc o( Glecgie oau, AJrtU^^L.r /0l$ lL,

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