Mitchell v. Savannah Airport Commission et al

Filing 25

ORDER granting 19 Motion to Dismiss John Rauback without prejudice. Signed by Judge William T. Moore, Jr on 1/9/18. (wwp)

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L:-S NI$TRICT COURT *){Juthern District GA of Fileci rn Office TEE TEE IN SAVENNATI DIVISION LAKI SHA MITCHELL, v. C A S EN O . C V 4 1 7 - 1 8 8 SAVANNAH AIRPORT COMMISS]ON and .IOHN RAUBACK, Defendant s . ORDER Before the ,John Rauback Dismiss Pursuant nf appeared. " defendant nn alI this agreed accron. motion as rr Cir. only parties' Party Joint of c nn eu r ri Y r ra d parcies an act.ion l ^J, /. r v without H6^lth^r^,1h 20A4). In to their dismiss Becallse all : q lr r l Th^ motion, 1 s G R A I i I T E DA s r e q u e s r e d . pursuant ^ iar !t - i ^ L ! c J d y co John have agreed, by the r.,h^ 19. ) to "a hi-,^ di smiss the ?-lA the to Procedure dismissing Defendant parties (Doc. Civil permitLed are llnir-od Motion Deiendant. RuIe dicmicc>l from (1lth 1106 the an act.ion may be dismissed Moreover, Klrrr is Federal to 41(a) (1)(A) (ii), ar-ri Court tr ?.-l partles a entire I T\q') have Rauback from che pa-rtiesf partiesf Defendanr John RaubacK iS DISMISSID WITITOUT PRE.N,DICE flom thiS action. SO ORDERED thi s ?*" a\/ .\f .T:rrrr^rrr WILLIAM T. ?O1R MOORE, U N I T E D S T A T E S D ] S T R CT COURT S O U T H E R ND I S T R ] C T O F GEORG IA

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