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ORDER of Appointment as United States Bankruptcy Judge. Signed by Chief Judge Carnes United States Court of Appeal on June 20, 2017. (wwp)

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FILED U.S.COURT APPEALS OF ELEVENTH CIRCUIT lune 23t2077 IN TIIE UMTED STATESCOURT OF FOR THE ELEVENTHCIRCUIT 7-006 Pursuant Title 28, Unit€dStates to Appeals theEleventh for Circuithereby 152, UnitedStates the Courtof MicheleJinhyun Kim asa United strtesBankruptcyJudgefor the southefnDistrlctof Georgiafor a termof fourteen years. Thisappointment effective Juhe is 23 2017. FortheCourt: -1f A TRUECOPY Attested: U.S. CcunofAppeals. Eleventh Circurr I \ ll n \ -. sn:-l.-LL{,-t"'." l,LLUha Human Resourcas Assistant Atlanta. Georgia June23.2017 United States Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit 56 Street,NW Atlanta, Georgia30303 Iune23.2017 Ms. MicheleReed Chief,Judicial Services Office I DPS-JSO Administrative Office of the U.S.Courts Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building OneColumbus Circle,NE, Room4-170 Washington, 20544 DC RE: Appointment U.S.Bankruptcy of Judge the for Southern Districtof Georgia MicheleJlnhyun Kim DearMs. Reed: Enclosed thefollowingdocuments connection the reappointment MicheleJinhyun are in with of Kim to theposition UnitedStates of Bankruptcy Judge, Southern DistrictofGeorgia: + + + Appointment ofunited Srates (AO 79B) Bankruptcy Judge Order of Appointmentas Unif€d States Banhuptcy Judge (publicnotice) Notic€ofPosition By copyofthis letterI am sending ce*lfiedcopyofChiefJudgeCames, a orderto the Clerkof the Southem Districtof Georgia entryof recopd. for Pfease contact at (404)335-6202 me ifyou haveanyquestions regarding matter. this $incerely, M'd V"*-1"- CherylVessels CircuitExecutive Assistant for Human Resources enclosures HonorableEd Cames ChiefJudge, U.S.CourtofAppealsforthe Eleventh Circuit Honorable James Hall R ChiefU.S.DistrictJudge, GA SD Honorable Susan Barrett D ChiefU.S.Bankruptcy Judge, GA SD Mr. James Gerstenlauer, P. CircuitExecutive Honorable MicheleJinhlun Kim, SD GA U.S.BankuptcyJudge, GA SD r,lvfr. ScottPofI Clerk.U.S.DistrictCourt.SDGA Ms. LucindaRauback Clerk,U.S.Ban&ruptcy Court,SD GA

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