Trust v. State Farm Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Filing 28

ORDER AND NOTICE OF PRETRIAL PROCEEDINGS, (Motions in limine or evidentiary objections are due by close of business on 2/15/2017, and responses to that are due by close of business on 2/28/17. Pretrial Order due by close of business on 1/30/2017. Jury Trial set for 3/20/2017 09:00 AM in Statesboro - 1st Floor Courtroom. Pretrial Conference set for 3/16/2017 10:00 AM in Statesboro - 1st Floor Courtroom). Signed by Judge J. Randal Hall on 1/10/17. (cmr)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OP GEORGIA STATESBORO DIVISION JAMES ENNIS TRUST, * • Plaintiff, * * v. STATE AUTO * PROPERTY & CASUALTY * INSURANCE COMPANY, 6:14-cv-06 * Defendant. * ORDER AND NOTICE PRETRIAL OF PROCEEDINGS IT IS ORDERED that lead counsel for the parties in the captioned case are instructed file with the Clerk pretrial order. close of shall meet of and this confer, Court in person, a joint and prepare consolidated The proposed pretrial order shall be business Plaintiffs to on have Monday, the January 30, responsibility 2017. to and proposed filed by the Counsel initiate for compliance herewith. The form of the proposed pretrial Court's website Forms''. A party's failure to comply with the requirements hereof may result in order can be located at the dismissal of the complaint, under "District dismissal of other sanctions determined appropriate by the Court. Court"/"Court the answer, or The Court will not accept for filing any proposed pretrial order prepared only from telephone conversations. The proposed pretrial order shall include a paragraph stating the date and location of;the meeting, the duration of the meeting and the names of all counsel or parties participating. Proposed pretrial jointly) will not be of the Court. permission orders which accepted represented by counsel, If are not for consolidated filing any party without in this (proposed the written case is not such party shall be obligated to comply with the requirements hereof in the same manner as counsel. All evidentiary objections and motions in limine which have not been resolved prior to the pretrial conference shall be submitted in writing by the close of business on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. All responses thereto shall be submitted by the close of business on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. The Clerk of the Court has scheduled the pretrial conference for Thursday, March scheduled for conference, 16, 2017 Monday, March jury selection, the pretrial conference, and will pretrial exhibit at 10:00 20, order. All conference. Lead be at the Court will disapprove, must 2017 Jury trial or 9:00 trial The a.m. and for to is pretrial At take up any pending motions direct exhibits provided counsel selection and trial will be held in Statesboro. approve, list a.m. amendment (in the digital Court each party must of the format) at attend the the proposed and an pretrial pretrial conference. ORDER ENTERED at Augusta, Georgia, this /tr^ day of January, 2017. 3/TATES DISTRICT JUDGE DISTRICT OF GEORGIA

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