State of Hawaii v. Trump

Filing 178

MOTION for Pro Hac Vice of Steven E. Obus Filing fee $ 300, receipt number 0975-1843216.Claire Wong Black appearing for Amicus New York University (Black, Claire)

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HID 0074 (Rev 02 /14) Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vìce UNIITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of Hawaii STATE OF HAWAI'I and ISMAIL ELSHIKH Plaintiff DONALD J. TRUMP, in his official capacity President of the United States, et al. as Defendant ) ) ) Case No 1:1 7-cv-0005O-DKW-KSC ) ) ) ) ) ) ) MOTION TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE (Attach Declaration of Counsel in support of motion. $300.00 assessment required to be paid through Pay'gov.) Name of Attorney: Steven E. Obus, Esq Firm Name Proskauer Rose LLP Firm Address Eieven Times Square New York, New York 10036 Attorney CM/ECF Primary email address SObus( Firm Telephone 2t2-969-3000 Party Represented: New York University (as amicus curiae) Name/Address of Local Counsel Claire Wong Black, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing 1001 Bishop Street, Suite 1800 Firm Fax: 212-969-2900 Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813 pursuant to LR 83 .1 (e) of the Local Rules of Practice for the Unitecl States District Court for the District of Hawaii, the undersigned applies for an order permitting the above-named attomey to appear and participate as counsel pro hac vice for the above-named party in all matters in the above-captioned casc or proceecling. This request is based on the declaration of the attomey seeking to appear pro hac vice. Claire Wong Black March 14,2017 Dated *If this motion is being Signature* (Print name if original signature) signed by local counsel on behalf of the applicant, the signature constitutes consent to the designation as associate counsel; other-wise such consent shall be filed separately. IllD 0074 (l(cv .02 /l 4) Dcclaration of Counsel IJhrrrun Srarps Dtsrmcr CouI{T tbr thc District of Ilawaii S'I'ATE Oir tIAWAI'l and ISMAIL ELSHII(FI, Plaintiff v. J. TllUMP, in his ofiicial oapacity Plcsident of llic Unitecl States, ct al. DONALD ) ) ) ) ) as Case N ¡¡. I : l7-cv-00050 DI(W-KSCj ) ) ) ) DeJèndant DIÙCLAIìÀTION OF COUNSEL (Attâch to Motion to Appear Pro l:Iac Vice.) Name of Declalant Steven E. Obus, Esq. I am ¡ot a r.csicient of tlie District ol'l{awaii, arn rlot r:cgularly employccl in the Distlict of l{awaii, cngaged in business, profìessional or larv-relatcd activities in the District of I-Iawaii, and that: ancl atn not regularly ol'my resiclence and ofïce aclclress is: New York, Ner.v York 10036 (Office) Chappaqua, New Yorl< 10514 (Resiclence) L The city ancl slate 2. I havc been aclllittecl to lrlactice in the following courts on the datcs llotecl: for thc Nçr.v york (admittccl 1974); U.S. lJistriot Courl fol the Southern Distlict of Nelv York (7117179); IJ'S. District Court yóik (s¡z¡rS); u.S. Courr ol'Appcals for the Second cilcuit (5/19/80); IJ.s. CoLrrt of Appeals for' Easrern Disrr.i6 of New ihe Ttìird Circt¡ir (ll/28103);Ù.S^ Courr of Appeals fbr the lìr:urth Circuit (5/l B/S9); U,S, Court of Appeals lor the D'C, Cilcuit (1115/05); United States Su¡rt'ctle CouLt (10/4/99) 3.1am i1gooclsta¡clìng and eligiblc to placticc in thc follorving coults (clcclaranttray slatc "Allof thc courts identified in pat'agraplt 2"): All of the coults idcntifìed in palagraph 2 a. I (a) am not curre¡lly involvecl in rlisciplinary pr:occeclings befole any state bar, federal bar, ot an'y equivaletrt; (b) liave not in the past 10 years been suspeuderl, disbarrecl, or otherwise subjecl to other clisciplinary ploceecliug Setore any state bar, t-ccleral bar, or ifs equivalent; (c) have not been denisd admission pro hirc vice by any cotlrt ot agency i¡ thc pnst l0 year.s; and (cl) have not bccn lhe surbject of a criminal investigation knor,v to tlte attomey or a criminal prosecution or conviction iu arly courtilr the pasf terr (10) years. -5 If I am concurrently making or have made within the prece ding ysar a urotion to appc¿u'plo hac vice in District of'I-Iawaii, the title and nutnber of each matter is statecl below, togetlrcr with fhe date of thc lrotion ancl rvhethel thc motion rvas grat:tcd, â case or procecdiug ìn the 6. I designate the fbllowing to serve as associatc counsel who is a nlcmber in good standitig of the bar of the Unitcd States District Court for thc Dìstrict of Hawaii and maintains an office in this district, with thc adch'ess, teie¡rhone and l'ax numbers, and c-mail adclress notc<l: Claire Wong [3lack, Alston FIunt Floycl & hig 100i Bishop Street, Suitc I800 l-Ionolulu, Hawai'i 968 1 3 Tel; (.30t1) 524-1800lìax: (fì0ft) 524-4591 Eniail: cblack@ahfi , corn 7 C\4/ECF: FilÌ ng clocuutents clectronically/Ileceivíng e-mail notfficølì on, Full participation, I am requesting a waivcr of the required CM/ECIr training. I arn CM/ECF in the follorving Bankluptcy atrd/or I)istrict Court(s): Sor.rtheln District of Nçw York; Eastcrn District of New a rcgistcred tlscr of YoLl< Full participation, Cornputel Based Training (CII'I) complcteci, I liave complctcd CII'I' modules I andZ cun'cntly available on tlie USDC Distlict of llawaii wcbsite at: rvww,hid.uscottt' ,<', b c. d I will abidc by all orders, rules, and administrative proceclures govcrning the use of my login and password and thc çlcctronic fìling of docurnents in the CM/ECF system of tlrc lJnitecl States District Court for the District of IIawaii. LJsc of rny CM/ECF User login and password constitutcs my signature on an electrouically filed documcnt for all purposes ancl sh¿ll have thc sarne force and etïect as ifl had affixcd my signaturc on a paper copy ofthe documcnt being hled (full patfic\)ation regishants only), I tnay authorize one or morc cmployees or offìce staff mernìrers to use my login and password fbr the clectronic filing of a docurncnt. I-lowever, such uss constitutcs my signaturo on thc electlonically fìlecl document. I will not knowingly permit use of my login and passwor<ì by anyone not so authorized, I shall take st{rps to prevcnt such unauthorized use, and I shall be fully responsible for all use ofthe login ancl password whether authorized or uniruthorized. If authorization to use a login and password is wifhdrawn (e.g., when a stalT member leaves employment) or if unauthorized use of a login and password ìs suspected, I shall selcct and rctivate a new prissword for use in the CM/l-iCIr systcrn. I also shall itnmcdiately rrotify the court upon learning ofany unauthorized use. I unde¡stand that failure to change the password and notify the court rray result in sanctìous (full participation rogistrants only). This rcgistr:ation constitutes my waiver of scrvicc of a paper copy of a notice and â request in writing that, instead of noticc by nrail, notice be sent to mc by electronic transmission thrr:ugh the court's CM/ECIi system. This also constitutes rny consent in writing to accept scrvice of'documents by e-mail through the CM/l.Clr system. I rvill maintain an active e-mail acçount for notice and service by clcctronic transmission, and will keep such e-mail accounf info¡mation current in my CM/ECII User account. I declale under penalty of pcrjury that fhe foregoing is truc and correct. (Attach any additional pages ifany firrthcl' cxplanation is nccdcd) Datecl: March 13,2017 Signature coNsEryT qF LOcAr, cùuNsrcl, (Local cour-rsel may sign below if consent is not recorded elscwhere.) Datecl Signature IN THE TJNITED S'TATES DISTRICT COTJRT FOR THE DISTRICT OF I-IAWAII S1'^,1'E OF HAWAI'I an(l ) ISMAIL ELSI-IIKI-I, Case. l.{o. 1:17-cv-00050 DI(W-KSC ) ) ) ) Plaintiff, VS ORDI]R GRA}ITiNG MOTIOhI TO APPEAR PRO I"IAC VICE AS TO Steven E. Obus. Esq. ) DONALD J.'IRUMP, in his <¡l'ñcial capacity ) ) as Irresident of the Unitcd Statcs, et al, ) Defendant. ) ) ORDER GI{ANTING MOTIONI TO APPEAR PRO I.IAC VICE The court GRANTS the Motion o¡ steven Ii. obus, Esq Appear Pro l{ac Vice. Nanre o1Ì Attorney: Steven [3. Obus, Esq Þ-irm Name Proskaucr Rose I.L,P Irirm Acldress Eleven'fimes Square Nerv York, New York 10036 Attorncy CM/ECF Primary ernail ¿lddress SObus@proskauer,com Firm'l'elephonc (212) q69-3000 Party Represented New York Univelsity ( IT IS SO ORDERED. llATIiD: I-Ionolulu, Hawaii, as amicus curiae) to

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