Griffin v. Bush et al

Filing 17

ORDER entered by Judge Harold A. Baker on 3/8/10 notifying the agency having custody of the plaintiff to remit the $455 appeal fee from his trust fund account to the District Court. (cc: plaintiff/Correctional Center Trust Fund Office/Fin Adm)(MSB, ilcd)

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Monday, 08 March, 2010 10:54:07 AM Clerk, U.S. District Court, ILCD E-FILED United States District Court CENTRAL DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS Dwayne Griffin vs. George W. Bush, et al. ORDER Pursuant to the 1/20/10 mandate, in appellate case number 09-4115, from the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit [16], the agency having custody of the plaintiff, Dwayne Griffin, is directed to remit the appellate docketing fee of $455 from his prison trust fund account if such funds are available. If he does not have $455 in his account, the agency must send 20 percent of the current balance, or the average balance during the past six months, whichever amount is higher; thereafter, the agency shall begin forwarding monthly payments from the plaintiff's trust fund account to the Clerk of Court each time the plaintiff's account exceeds $10 until the statutory appeal fee of $455 is paid in its entirety. The United States Court of Appeals is notified, via a copy of this order. ENTERED this 8th day of March, 2010 Case Number: 09-1366 __s/Harold A. Baker_____ HAROLD A. BAKER U.S. District Judge

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