Vulcan Golf, LLC v. Google Inc. et al

Filing 203

MOTION for Leave to Appear Pro Hac Vice Filing fee $ 50, receipt number 07520000000003091437. by Daralyn J. Durie (Durie, Daralyn)

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Vulcan Golf, LLC v. Google Inc. et al Doc. 203 (Revised 06/08) United States District Court Northern District of Illnois Plantiff(s) MOTION FOR LEAVE TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE Case Title: Vulcan Golf: LLC VS. Google, Inc., et aL. Defendant(s) Judge: Kocoras Case Number: 07CV3371 I, Daralyn J. Durie hereby apply to the Court under Local Rule 83.14 for permission to appear and participate in the above-entitled action on behalf of i Google, Inc. by whom I have been retained. I am a member in good standing and eligible to practice before the following courts: Title of Court Date Admitted 02/09/1994 09/24/1994 (\..:J/1 IIi//"'(\(\'2 V / i- kVVJ Supreme Court of the State of California United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit United States Court of j\~ppea! for the Federal Circuit PLEASE SEE ATTACHMNT FOR MORE COURTS IN GOOD STANDING I have currently, or within the year preceding the date ofthis application, made pro hac vice applications to this Court in the following actions: Case Number Case Title Date of Application (Granted or Denied)* *If denied, please explain: (Attach additional form if necessary) time of Pursuant to Local Rule 83.15(a), applicants who do not have an offce within the Northern District of lIinois must designate, at the fiing their initial notice or pleading, a member of the bar of this Court having an offce within this District upon who service of papers may be made. Has the applicant designated local counsel? Yes ( No C If you have not designated local counsel, Local Rule 83 .15(b) provides that the designation must be made within thirt (30) days. Has the applicant ever been: censured, suspended, disbarred, or witherwise disciplined by any court? or is the applicant currently the subject of an investigation of the Yes applicant's professional conduct? Yes r r (' C No ( No r( ( ( transferred to inactive status, voluntarily withdrawn, or resigned from the bar of nay court? Yes Yes No No No denied admission to the bar of any court? held in contempt of court? NOTE: If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, please attach a brief description of Yes r the incident(s) and the applicant's current status before any court, or any agency thereof, where disciplinary sanctions were imposed, or where an investigation or investigations of the applicant's conduct may have been instituted. I have read the Rules of Professional Conduct for the Northern District of lIinois, effective November 12, 1991 (Local Rules 83.50 through 83.58), and the Standards for Professional Conduct within the Seventh Federal Judicial Circuit, effective December 15, 1992, and wil faithfully adhere to them. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Sep 9, 2008 Date Last Name S/ Daralyn J. Durie Electronic Signature of Applicant First Name Middle Name/Initial Applicant's Name Durie Daralyn J. Applicant's Law Firm Keker & Van Nest LLP Street Address Room/Suite Number Applicant's Address 710 Sansome Street City San Francisco State ZIP Code Work Phone Number CA 94111 (415) 391-5400 (The pro hac vice admission fee is $100.00 for cases fied before February 1,2001, and $50.00 for cases fied on or after that date, and shall be paid to the Clerk. No admission under Rule 83.14 is effective unti such time as the fee has been paid.) NOTE: Attorneys seeking to appear pro hac vice may wish to consider fiing a petition for admission to the general bar of the Court. The fee for admission to the General Bar is $100.00 The fee for pro hac vice admission is $100.00 for cases fied before Februar 1,2001, and $50.00 for cases fied on or after that date. Admission to the general bar permits an attorney to practice before this Court. Pro hac vice admission entitles an attorney to appear in a particular case only. Application for such admission must be made in each case; and the admission fee must be paid in each case. Daralvn J. Durie Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice Attachment Admittance to Practice in the Following Courts Supreme Cour of the State of California, Februar 9, 1994 United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, August 24, 1994 United States Distrct Cour, Eastern District of California, November 13, 1998 United States Distrct Court, Central Distrct of California, November 17, 1998 United States Distrct Court, Southern District of California, November 8, 1999 California, Januar 5, 2000 United States District Cour, Northern Distrct of United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit, May 14, 2003 United States Cour of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, July 28, 2006 370881.01

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