Trujillo v. Apple Computer, Inc. et al

Filing 4

ATTORNEY Appearance for Plaintiff Jose Trujillo by Larry Daniel Drury (Drury, Larry)

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Trujillo v. Apple Computer,Case 1:07-cv-04946 Inc. et al Document 4 Filed 09/04/2007 Page 1 of 1 Doc. 4 u.s. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS ATTORNEY APPEARANCE FORM NOTE: In order to appear before this Court an attorney must either be a member in good standing of this Court's general bar or be granted leave to appear pro hac vice as provided for by Local Rules 83.12 through 83.14. In the Matter of JOSE TRUJILLO vs. APPLE COMPUTER, INe. AND AT&T, INC. Case Number: 07 C 4946 AN APPEARANCE IS HEREBY FILED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AS ATTORNEY FOR: Jose Trujillo NAME (Type or print) Larry D. Drury SIGNATURE (Use electronic signature if the appearance form is filed electronically) sl Larry D. Drury FIRM Larry D. Drury, Ltd. STREET ADDRESS 205 West Randolph, Suite 1430 CITY 1STA TE/ZIP Chicago, IL 60606 ID NUMBERSEEITEM3 IN INSTRUCTIONS) ( 0681024 TELEPHONE UMBER N 312/346-7950 YES[{] YES ARE YOU ACTING AS LEAD COUNSEL IN THIS CASE? NoD AREYOUACTINGAS LOCALCOUNSELN THISCASE? I AREYOUA MEMBER F THISCOURT'STRIALBAR? O [{] NoD NoD NoD YES[{] IF THISCASEREACHES RIAL,WILLYOUACTAS THETRIALATTORNEY? YES[{] T IF THIS IS A CRIMINAL CASE, CHECK THE BOX BELOW THAT DESCRIBESYOUR STATUS. RETAINED COUNSELD APPOINTED COUNSELD

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