Brown v. Nevels et al

Filing 13

OPINION AND ORDER DISMISSING this case WITHOUT PREJUDICE; DENYING the in forma pauperis motion (ECF 12); ORDERING the plaintiff, Lloyd Brown, Jr., IDOC # 963614, to pay (and the facility having custody of him to automatically remit) to the clerk of t his court 20 percent of the money he receives for each calendar month during which he receives $10.00 or more, until the $400.00 filing fee is paid in full; DIRECTING the clerk of court to create a ledger for receipt of these funds; DIRECTI NG the clerk of court to return, unfiled, any papers filed in any case by or on behalf of Lloyd Brown, Jr., (except for a notice of appeal or unless filed in a criminal or habeas corpus proceeding) until he has paid in full all outstanding fees and s anctions in all civil actions in any federal court; DIRECTING the clerk of court to note on the docket of 1:18-CV-16 any attempted filings in violation of this order; andDIRECTING the clerk of court to ensure that a copy of this order is mailed to ea ch facility where the plaintiff is housed until the filing fee has been paid in full. Directing Monthly Payments be made from Prison Account of Lloyd Brown Jr, ***Civil Case Terminated. Signed by Judge William C Lee on 4/9/18. (Copy mailed to pro se party and Warden, Financial)(mlc)

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