Algie v. Northern Kentucky University

Filing 5

MEMORANDUM OPINION & ORDER; 1)Pla's 4 MOTION for Leave to Proceed IFP is denied as moot; 2)Pla's Title VII retaliation claims stemming from the filing of 6/1/2005 EEOC Charge and filing of Cov. Civ 06-cv-23 are dismissed w/prejudice; 3)Pl a's Title VII employment discrimination claims relating to alleged med. disability are dismissed w/out prejudice; 4)Pla's claims re: alleged discrimination on or after 4/10/07, through and including his termination in 9/07 may proceed; 5)Cl erk to issue summons for the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel; 6)Pla to be responsible for proper service of summons and complaint, paying particular attention to all applicable provisions of Fed. R. Civ.P.4; 7)Pla to keep Clerk of Court informed of current mailing address. Failure to do so may result in dismissal; 8)For every further pleading or other doc pla submits for consideration, pla to serve upon each def, or if appearance has been entered by counsel, eac h attorney, a copy of the pleading or doc. Pla to send original papers to Clerk of Court w/a certificate stating the date a true and correct copy of the doc was mailed to each def or counsel. If a District Judge or Mag. Judge receives any document which has not been filed with the Clerk or which has been filed but fails to include the certificate of service of copies, the doc will be disregarded; 9)Case referred to Mag. Judge J. Gregory Wehrman for all further proceedings and disposition, and is no longer referred to the Pro Se Office. Clerk to make appropriate administrative referral notations in the CM/ECF docket sheet. Signed by David L. Bunning on 10/17/2008.(LSG)cc: COR

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