Snyder v. Phelps et al

Filing 124

Proposed Questions for Jury Questionair by Phelps-Davis & Phelps-Roper (slf, Deputy Clerk)

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Snyder v. Phelps et al Doc. 124 ~.., ,.~j-,+:; IN'rnE UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MARYLAND - BALllMORE DIVISION ALBERT SNYDER, Plaintiff, VS. CaseNo. :O6-cv-1389-~ t: JNTEMe .fitCEMI FRED W. PHELPS,SR.; SHIRLEY L. PHELPS-ROPER; REBEKAH A. PHELPS-DAVIS; and, WESTBOROBAPllST CHURCH, INC., Defendants. ? 0 4 2007 ~U::J.D!f/fFliCT~ ~TAK:TCM'MARYLNO Bt PROPOSED OUESTIONS FOR JURY OUESTIONAffiE SUBMITTED BY DEFENDANTS PHELPS-DAVIS & PHELPS-ROPER ---- Pursuantto the Court's schedulingorder, pro se defendantsPhelps-Davisand PhelpsRoper submit the attachedproposedquestionsfor a jury questionnaire,and requestthat the Court includethesequestionsin a questionnaire thejury to be answered to prior to voir dire. Rebekah. Phelp -Davis Pro SeDefendant 1216Cambridge Topeka,KS 66604 785.845.5938 785.233.0766 fax & ShirleyL. P lp - oper Pro SeDefendant 3640Churchill Road Topeka,KS 66604 785.640.6334 785.233.0766 fax 2 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE We herebycertify that the foregoingfiling was servedon August 31, 2007,as follows: Original + 2 copies,with 2-holepunch,by express mail, in sealedenvelope, with notice of filing of sealeddocument,with return envelope, to: U S District Court Clerk 101W. Lombard Street,4thFloor Baltimore,MD 21201 Copy by regularmail to: Mr. SeanE. Summers, Esq. Mr. Paul W. Minnich, Esq. Mr. ReesGriffiths, Esq. Barley SnyderLLC 100E Market St PO Box 15012 York, PA 17401 Mr. Craig T. Trebilcock, Esq. Shumaker Williams PC 135N GeorgeSt Ste201 York PA 17401 Mr. Jonathan Katz, Esq. L. 1400Spring St., Suite 410 Silver Spring,MD 20910 3 Snyderv. Westboro Baptist Church,Inc., et a/. CaseNo. 06-CV-1389 JURY QUESTIONNAIRE 1 Do you believe unpopularspeech coveredor protectedby the First Amendment? is 2. Do you believe that speechyou consider "hate speech" is protected under the First Amendment? in that you consideroffensive? 3 Do you believepeoplehavethe right to engage speech 4. Do you haveviews that you believearenot main stream? 5. Do you believespeech that makesyou very uncomfortableshouldbe permitted? 6. Haveyou ever protestedthe government, branch,at any level? Why andwhen? any ,. Have you ever engagedin a protest,demonstrationor picket? When, where and about what? 8. Have you ever engaged in First Amendment speech or religious activity that was controversial?What andwhen? 9, Do you believe people have the right to engage in religious practices which are unpopular? IO.Do you practicea faith that is not main stream? . What is your opinion aboutwhetherGod hateshumans? 12.What is your opinion aboutwhetherGod punishes peopleor nationsfor sin? 3. What is your opinion aboutwhethertragediesor catastrophes (such as 911, the collapsed bridge in Minnesota,hurricanes,floods, etc.) are caused God? by 4 14.Do you believeadultery is a sin? 15.How do you define adultery? 16.Have you ever committedadulteryasyou defmeit? 7. Do you believe churchesshouldpreachagainstsin? 18.Do you believeAmerica is beingpunishedfor the sinsof Americans? 19.Do you believeparentsshouldteachtheir childrento obey the Bible? 20.Do you believe in the Bible? 21.Do you take the Bible literally? 22.What is your opinion of peoplewho takethe Bible literally? 23.How would you rate your knowledgeof the contentof the Bible? 24.Do you believe peoplehave the right to teachtheir children what they believe aboutthe Bible andhow to live accordingto the commandments the Bible? of 25.Do you believethat divorce is a sin? 26.Do you believethat divorce is allowed in the Bible underany circumstances? When? 27.Haveyou ever beendivorced? 28.What is your marital status? 29.Do you haveany family member(s) who has/have beendivorced? 30.Do you believe divorce is the equivalentof adultery? 31.Are you or haveyou ever beena memberof the RomanCatholic Church? 32.What experience any do you havewith the RomanCatholic Church? if 5 33.What knowledge do you have about the doctrines or practices of the Roman Catholic Church? 34.Have you seen media reports about priests of the Roman Catholic Church allegedly molestingyoung boys or girls? What is your opinion aboutthis issue? 35.Do you believethat peoplehavethe right to criticize the RomanCatholic Church? 36.Do you believe idolatry is a sin? 37.What is your defmition of "idolatry?" 38.What are your views aboutthe war in Iraq? 39.What areyour views aboutthe Americantroopsin Iraq? 40.What are your views aboutthe war in Afghanistan? 41.What areyour views aboutthe Americantroopsin Afghanistan? 42.Do you believepeopleshouldbe allowedto protestaboutthe war, for or against? 43.Are you a memberof the military? 44.Are you a memberof the National Guard? 45.Haveyou beena memberof the military in the past? 46.Haveyou beena memberof the National Guardin the past? 47.Are you a veteran? 48.Do you havea memberof your family or friend who is currently in the military? 49.Do you have a family memberor friend who was in the past an active memberof the military? 6 National Guard? When? 59.Are you gay? homosexuals? 62.Do you believehomosexualityis a sin? 64.Do you homosexuality? condemn or disagree with 7 66.Do you understand differencebetween educationandtraining of a psychiatristand the the a psychologist? 67.Do you believe that people can disagreewith the psychiatric profession on religious grounds? 68.Have you ever heardofWestboro Baptist Churchin Topeka,Kansas? What is your view of that church? 69.Have you ever heardof Fred Phelps,a pastorin Topeka,Kansas? What is your view of PastorPhelps? 70.Have you heardof the picketerswho protestoutsideof soldiers' funerals? What is your view of thosepicketers? 71.Have you heard of Richard Benne~ either as a political candidateor judge? What is your view of RichardBennett? 72.Haveyou heardof Albert Snyder? What is your view of Albert Snyder? 73.Have you heard of an organizationcalled the Patriot Guard? What is your view of the Patriot Guard? 74.Have you been involved in any legal proceedingas a party? If so, what kind of case, what wasyour status,and what was the outcome? 75.Have you been involved in any legal proceedingas a witness? What kind of caseand what was your role? 8

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