Snyder v. Phelps et al

Filing 176

Correspondence re: Expert witnesses (Katz, Jonathan)

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Snyder v. Phelps et al Doc. 176 MARKS & KATZ, LLC ATTORNEYS AT LAW 1400 SPRING STREET SUITE 410 SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND 20910 (301) 495-4300 October 17, 2007 Re: Snyder v. Phelps, et al., No. 1:06-cv-01389-RDB Dear Judge Bennett: At the pretrial conference, your honor permitted the parties to send a brief letter about permitting expert witnesses to remain in the courtroom during other witnesses' testimony. Such activity is permitted by Local Rule 107(7), which provides: "7. Exclusion of Witnesses Witnesses need not be excluded unless a party invokes the exclusion of witness rule. "Exclusion of witness rule" means that only parties (or the designated representatives of parties), their counsel, and expert witnesses approved by the Court may be present in the courtroom during the course of trial and that no person may directly or indirectly advise a witness (other than a party or expert witness) of what the testimony of another witness has been. Subject to this constraint, counsel may prepare their witnesses for trial during the course of trial." Thank you for having offered the opportunity to provide this letter. Respectfully submitted, Jonathan L. Katz cc: All parties of record (by ECF filing system to Plaintiff's counsel, and by e-mail to the pro se defendants). 1

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