Recorded Books, LLC v. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Filing 10

MOTION by Jaren D. Wilcoxson to Appear Pro Hac Vice by Recorded Books, LLC. (aap, Deputy Clerk)

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Recorded Books, LLC v. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Doc. 10 Case 8:07-cv-01427-DKC Document 10 Filed 06/12/2007 Page 1 of 2 IN THE UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT FOR mE DISTRICT OF MARYLAND " RecordedBo~ks, LLC Plaintiff(s) VS. ZOOl JUN -1 3li 1 * Defendant( s) Case No.: DKC~~1~27 "', '-" -, '--I OCLCOnlineComputer Library Center, Inc., d/b/aNetLibrary * ~--""'~~ ~ I.(I)GED -- ~ ;~~ ~ 'ICEJ\ED JUN 1 2 2007 MOTION FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE_~AT~T ~ I , David L. Permut U.s. DlSTAk)TOOUAT DISTRICT MARYLAND OF , ama rnernb"'~vvd "tm!dm~ 'x-~'fY e~ of this Court. My bar number is 15111 Jaren D. Wilcoxson I ammovingthe admission of to appear hacvice in this caseas pro counsel for Reco~~Books, LLC We certify that: 1. Theproposed admittee not a member the Marylandbar anddoesnot maintainany is of law office in Maryland. 2. Theproposed admittee a member goodstanding the barsof the following State is in of Courtsand/orUnited States Courts: State Court & Date of Admission Commonwealthof Massachusetts, ]2/]8/]997 u.s. Court & Date of Admission USCA, 6th Circuit U8DC, District of Massachusetts (3/17/2000) USDC, Eastern District of Wisconsin (8/24/05) 3. During thetwelvemonthsimmediately preceding motion,theproposed this admittee has beenadmitted hac vicein this Court~ pro times. 4. The proposedadmittee has never been disbarred,suspended, denied admissionto or practice law in any jurisdiction. (NOTE: If the proposedadmittee has been disbarred, suspendedor denied admissionto practice law in any jurisdiction, then he/shemust submit a , statementfully explaining all relevant facts). U.S.District Court(Kev.3119/2007)ProHacVice . Page of 3 1 v. ~ Case 8:07-cv-01427-DKC Document 10 Filed 06/12/2007 Page 2 of 2 5. The proposedadmittee is familiar with the Code of ProfessionalResponsibility, the FederalRules of Civil and Criminal Procedure,the FederalRules of Evidence, the FederalRules of Appellate Procedureand the Local Rules of this Court, and understandshe/sheshall be subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of this Court. 6. The proposedadmittee understands admissionpro hac vice is for this caseonly and does not constitute formal admissionto the bar of this Court. 7. Either undersigned the movant or - ~ - - -, is alsoa member thebar of this Courtin goodstanding, will serveasco-counsel these of and in proceedings. 8. The $50.00 fee for admission pro hac vice is enclosed. (Paymentmay be made by check or money order payableto: Clerk, United StatesDistrict Court or by major credit card.) 9. The completed Electronic CaseFiles Attorney Registration Form is enclosed. Respectfully submitted, MOVANT Signature J~~ftl;1'..4 1 - ""; David L. Permut Jaren D. Wilcoxson PrintedName Goodwin Procter LLP PrintedName Goodwin Procter LLP Firm 901 New York Avenue, N.W. Firm Exchange Place, Boston. MA 02109 Address Washington,DC 20001, (202) 346-4000 Address (617) 570-1000 Telephone Number (202) 346-4444 Telephone Number (617) 523-1231 FaxNumber ./ FaxNumber ORDER I:J DENIED ~RANTED Date ~.../JO?~ FeliciaC. Cannon &~~:%~.t--' Page of 3 2 U.S.Diauict Court(Rev.3/19/2007).Profill; Vice

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