Recorded Books, LLC v. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Filing 24

MOTION by Jason Prussman to Appear Pro Hac Vice by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (aap, Deputy Clerk)

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Recorded Books, LLC v. OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Doc. 24 Case 8:07-cv-01427-DKC Document 24 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 1 of 2 #-;'-_\pO & P Ir i'~ ~FEE~~1i"OTPAID IN THE UNITED STATESDISTRICT~OURT - (SEND LETTER) FOR THE DISTRICT OF MARYLAND GOtJRT RYLAN. . Recorded Books,LLCplaintiff(S) ZOO' JUN I q ~ 3: Iq . VS. OCLC OnlineComputer Library Center, Inc., d/b/aNetLibrary Defendant(s) . . ****.* CaseNo.:DKC"Q7;'CVU427 MOTION FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE I, g standinoftbebar Hugh J. Marbury - . am a memberin good . I ammovingthe admission of this Court.My bar numberis of Jason Prussman 24653 to appear hac vicein this caseascounsel pro for Library Center. Inc..d/b/aNetLibrarv,. We certify that: 1. OCLCOnlineComauter,.. Theproposed admittee a member goodstanding thebarsof the following is in of Court Date of Admission State Courtsand/orUnited StatesCourts: Colorado Supreme Court 2003 During thetwelvemonthsimmediately preceding motion,the proposed this admittee hasbeenadmitted hac vice in this Court pro 0 times. 3. The proposedadmittee has never been disbarred,suspended, denied admissionto or practice law in any jurisdiction. (NOTE: If the proposedadmittee has been disbarred, suspended, denied admission to practice law in anyjurisdiction, then he/shemust submit or a statementfully explaining all relevant facts). 2. '12S4361 v3 Case 8:07-cv-01427-DKC Document 24 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 2 of 2 The proposedadmittee is familiar with the Codeof ProfessionalResponsibility, the FederalRules of Civil and Criminal Procedure,the FederalRules of Evidence, the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedureand the Local Rules of this Court, and understands he/she shall be subjectto the disciplinary jurisdiction of this Court. 4. 5. Theproposed admittee understands admission hacvice is for this case pro only and doesnot constitute formaladmission thebar of this Court. to 6. Either the undersignedmovant or . is also a member of the bar of this Court in good standing,and will serveas co-counselin these proceedings. 7. The $50.00 fee for admissionpro hacviceis enclosed.(payment may be madeby check or money order payable to: Clerk, United StatesDistrict Court or by major credit card.) 8. The completed Electronic CaseFiles Attorney Registration Fonn is enclosed. Respectfully submitted, -81 6225 MOVANT ~~ 'e , Hugh J. Marbury PrintedName DLA Piper ( HolmeRoberts& OwenLLP Firm 1700Lincoln Street,Suite4100 Denver, CO 80203 21209 Firm us LLP -- Smith Avenue MD Baltimore, Address 410-580-3000 Address Telephone Number 410-580-3001 (303)861~7.000 Telephone Number 303 866-0200 FaxNumber * * * FaxNumber *.* ORDER B:'6"RANTED [JDENIED Felicia C. Cannon Cl.erkUni~ States , Dhct & . '~.M ~ ~#2~c;/"t~..< - Date {~-IX...rL../T. / .A,-:- ~/"\"'2 Court '1254361 v3

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