International Refugee Assistance Project et al v. Trump et al

Filing 230

Transmission of Notice of Appeal and Docket Sheet to US Court of Appeals re 229 Notice of Cross Appeal. IMPORTANT NOTICE: To access forms which you are required to file with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit please go to and click on Forms & Notices.(krc, Deputy Clerk)

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Reset Form APPEAL TRANSMITTAL SHEET (non-death penalty) Transmittal to 4CCA of notice of appeal filed: 10/23/17 District: ___ First NOA in Case Division: ___ Subsequent NOA-same party Southern ___ Subsequent NOA-new party ___ Subsequent NOA-cross appeal ___ Paper ROA ___ Paper Supp. Vols: _______________________ District Case No.: U.S. District Court of Maryland TDC 17-361 4CCA No(s). for any prior NOA: 17-1351,17-2231 Caption: International Refugee Assistance Project, et al. v. Donald J. Trump, et al. 4CCA Case Manager: RJ Warren Other: _______________________ Exceptional Circumstances: ___ Bail ___ Interlocutory ___ Recalcitrant Witness Confinement-Criminal Case: ___ Death row-use DP Transmittal ___ Recalcitrant witness ___ In custody ___ On bond ___ On probation Defendant Address-Criminal Case: ___ Other __________________________ Fee Status: ___ No fee required (USA appeal) ___ Appeal fees paid in full ___ Fee not paid Criminal Cases: ___ District court granted & did not revoke CJA status (continues on appeal) ___ District court granted CJA & later revoked status (must pay fee or apply to 4CCA) ___ District court never granted CJA status (must pay fee or apply to 4CCA) Civil, Habeas & 2255 Cases: ___ Court granted & did not revoke IFP status (continues on appeal) ___ Court granted IFP & later revoked status (must pay fee or apply to 4CCA) ___ Court never granted IFP status (must pay fee or apply to 4CCA) District Judge: PLRA Cases: Theodore D. Chuang ___ Proceeded PLRA in district court, no 3-strike determination (must apply to 4CCA) ___ Proceeded PLRA in district court, determined to be 3-striker (must apply to 4CCA) Court Reporter (list all): Cindy Davis, Lisa Bankins Sealed Status (check all that apply): ____ Portions of record under seal ____ Entire record under seal ____ Party names under seal Coordinator: ____ Docket under seal Record Status for Pro Se Appeals (check any applicable): Record Status for Counseled Appeals (check any applicable): ___ Assembled electronic record transmitted ___ Assembled electronic record available if requested ___ Additional sealed record emailed to 4cca-filing ___ Additional sealed record available if requested ___ Paper record or supplement shipped to 4CCA ___ Paper record or supplement available if requested ___ No in-court hearings held ___ No in-court hearings held ___ In-court hearings held – all transcript on file ___ In-court hearings held – all transcript on file ___ In-court hearings held – all transcript not on file ___ In-court hearings held – all transcript not on file ___ Other: ___ Other: Kathy Chiarizia 301-344-3104 Deputy Clerk: ______________________ Phone:___________________ 01/2012 10/23/17 Date:_________________

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