Connectu, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc. et al

Filing 260

Proposed Consent order granting substitution of Attorney by Eduardo Saverin.(Hampton, Daniel) Modified text & termed motion on 1/21/2009 (Seelye, Terri).

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Connectu, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc. et al *iAO 154 (IM)}) Substitution ot Attorney Doc. 260 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT District o f eOKNKCTU, INC.. CAMERON WINK1.KV0S. TYLER WINKLEVOSS, AND i>iVYA NAKENDKA. rAlucrOT Massachusetts , ftDni,D ,,,,. w _w-, Plaintiff (s), V. FACKHOOK, iS'C , MAKK ZUCKKKBERG. EOUAKDO SAVERIN, DUSTIN AND THM-ACEBOOK LLC. CONSENT ORDER GRANTING SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY CASE NUMBER: Cm 1:07-CV-10593 (DPW) , A c l t f m N() 0.,.Cf..n023 t n l . W ) Notice is hereby given that, subject to approval by Ihe court. Daniel K Hampton of Holland & Knight LLP (Nume of New Attorney) t Defendant Eduardo Saverin (Party (1 Name) substitutes ^ counsel of record in . state Bar No, 634195 place of Heller Ehrman LLP (Robert B. Hawk) (Nme of Attorney (s) WitiKlniwitig Appearance) Contact information for new counsel is as follows: Firm Name: Address. Holland & Knight LLP 10 St. James Avenue, Boston MA 02116-3803 Telephone: E-Mail (Optional) (617)573-5866 Facsimile (617)523-6850 consent to the above substitution. D"'e: ' ' ^ ^ > \ , - "\ Eduarclo Saverin (JiiX^tiB- $XJM^ (Signature of Party (s)l I consent to being substituted Heftsrffh^nan LLP, ^ Q^o\^^ Date: Da '\A.rS*h*/~ 11 p-U^ ' ^{Ij^My^ '/' ^Signature ot f o f ormer Attorney (s!) I consent to the above substitution. * TW^Atiy .\ty tool (Signature j f New Attorney) The substitution of attorney is hereby approved and so ORDERED. Date Judge (Note: A separate consent order of substitution must be filed by each new attorney wishing to enter an appearance.)

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