Handy v. Ameridose, LLC et al

Filing 9

Judge Rya W. Zobel: ORDER entered. Jury trial 10/30/17 Associated Cases: 1:13-md-02419-RWZ, 1:14-cv-14019-RWZ, 1:14-cv-14022-RWZ, 1:14-cv-14029-RWZ, 1:14-cv-14033-RWZ(Urso, Lisa)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS MDL NO. 13-02419-RWZ IN RE: NEW ENGLAND COMPOUNDING PHARMACY, INC. PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION THIS ORDER APPLIES TO ALL ACTIONS INVOLVING THE BOX HILL DEFENDANTS1 ORDER April 7, 2017 ZOBEL, S.D.J. The court takes notice of the parties’ Notices of Proposed Bellwether Case Selections (Docket # 3334 and 3335). The following four cases shall proceed to case specific discovery: Bellwether Trial Living Cases Case Name Docket Number Dreisch v. Box Hill Surgery Center, LLC, et al. 14-cv-14029-RWZ Davis v. Box Hill Surgery Center, LLC, et al. 14-cv-14033-RWZ 1 Ritu Bham bhani, M.D.; Ritu Bham bhani, M.D., LLC; and Box Hill Surgery Center, LLC. Bellwether Trial Death Cases Case Name Docket Number Armetta v. Box Hill Surgery Center, LLC, et al. 14-cv-14022-RWZ Handy v. Box Hill Surgery Center, LLC, et al. 14-cv-14019-RWZ Per the Third Amended Order Setting Discovery Deadlines (Docket # 3301), after the close of fact discovery, the parties will select one death and one living case from the cases listed above. The first bellwether trial will be a living case, and will commence on Monday, October 30, 2017. Trial for the bellwether death case will begin following the close of the living case. April 7, 2017 /s/Rya W. Zobel DATE RYA W . ZOBEL SENIOR UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 2

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