Unitt et al v. Spencer et al

Filing 15

Judge Richard G. Stearns: ORDER entered denying 10 Motion for Leave to File Document ; granting 11 Motion to Seal Document. If Unitt wishes to pursue this action, she must file an amended complaint that complies with the rules of joinder of pa rties and claims set out above. The $400 filing fee which Unitt has paid will continue to be applied to this case. The amended complaint must be filed within 42 days of the date of this order (May 22, 2018). Failure to comply with this order will result in dismissal of the case. To the extent that Unitt wishes to pursue claims that cannot be joined in a single lawsuit, she must file, within 42 days of the date of this order (May 22, 2018), as many separate proposed amended complaints as required to ensure compliance with the rules of joinder of claims and parties. Once filed in this action, the court will order that any proposed amended complaint be severed from this action and, with the original Complaint in this action, docketed as a new case. Unitt will be required to pay a $400 filing fee for each of these cases. As long as a proposed amended complaint is filed by May 22, 2018, for purposes of the statute of limitations and relation back of amendments, the date this action was commenced (August 3, 2017) will be considered to be the commencement date of any new case opened as result of severing claims from this action. [Copy of Order mailed to plaintiff on 4/10/2017.] (PSSA, 3)

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