Managematics LLC v. Ebay, Inc.

Filing 57

Judge Rya W. Zobel: MEMORANDUM AND ORDER entered. The motions to quash filed by non-parties James Grubbs Jr. and Ronald Knapp (Docket # 38 , 40 ) are ALLOWED and Plaintiff's motion to compel answers to its interrogatories (Docket # 52 ) is DENIED because the subpoena duces tecum, the subpoenas for depositions, and the interrogatory requests all require compliance after the deadline for fact discovery. Plaintiff's motion for leave to file a third requ est for production of documents (Docket # 46 ) is properly treated as a motion to compel compliance with Plaintiff's previous document requests and is ALLOWED as specified. In response to Plaintiff's previous document requests, Defen dant shall produce (1) responsive organization charts in existence; (2) responsive documents referenced in Bates ## 1-8; and (3) responsive instruction manuals and policy guides that were identified by eBay deponents. Plaintiff may not file its third request for production. (Warnock, Douglas)

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