Cooper et al v. Meritor, Inc. et al

Filing 395

ORDER re (288 in 4:16-cv-00053-DMB-JMV, 290 in 4:16-cv-00056-DMB-JMV, 292 in 4:16-cv-00055-DMB-JMV, 290 in 4:16-cv-00054-DMB-JMV, 350 in 4:16-cv-00052-DMB-JMV) Notice of Hearing re Privilege Log. Signed by Magistrate Judge Jane M. Virden on 11/7/17. Associated Cases: 4:16-cv-00052-DMB-JMV, 4:16-cv-00053-DMB-JMV, 4:16-cv-00054-DMB-JMV, 4:16-cv-00055-DMB-JMV, 4:16-cv-00056-DMB-JMV (bfg)

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  IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT   FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI   GREENVILLE DIVISION       PLAINTIFFS   BRENDA J. COOPER, ET AL.   CIVIL ACTION NO. 4:16-CV-52-DMB-JMV   VS.   MERITOR, INC., ET AL. DEFENDANTS   CONSOLIDATED WITH     PLAINTIFFS   JOE E. SLEDGE, ET AL.   VS. CIVIL ACTION NO. 4:16-CV-53-DMB-JMV     MERITOR, INC., ET AL. DEFENDANTS   AND     KATHERINE LONGSTREET COOKE, ET AL. PLAINTIFFS     VS. CIVIL ACTION NO. 4:16-CV-54-DMB-JMV     MERITOR, INC., ET AL. DEFENDANTS   AND     PLAINTIFFS   SRA INVESTMENTS, LLC, ET AL.   VS. CIVIL ACTION NO. 4:16-CV-55-DMB-JMV     MERITOR, INC., ET AL. DEFENDANTS   AND     FELICIA WILLIS, ET AL. PLAINTIFFS     VS.   CIVIL ACTION NO. 4:16-CV-56-DMB-JMV   MERITOR, INC., ET AL. DEFENDANTS     ORDER     This matter was originally set as a hearing on claimed privileges. However, at the outset of the hearing, counsel for all parties jointly requested that the hearing be converted to a conference as more particularly described in Section 6(F)(4) of the [83] Case Management Order. During the course of the conference, the court sua sponte, ordered that the defendant revise its privilege log, forthwith, in accordance with the court's directions concerning the need for greater specificity and accurate descriptions of all documents. The court further ruled that the privilege log may not be further amended to add privileges except as may be necessary regarding documents not previously described in the privilege log but which were submitted to the court in camera. SO ORDERED this, the 7th day of November, 2017.   /s/ Jane M. Virden UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE

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