Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc. v. Prinzo

Filing 79

PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION Signed by Honorable David C. Bramlette, III on 9/19/2016 (Attachments: # 1 Appendix 1 - Trade Dress, # 2 Appendix 2 - Infringing Works, # 3 Appendix 3 - Ronaldo's Works, # 4 Appendix 4 - Catalogs - cover page, # 5 Appendix 4A - GCA Dealer Handbook 1, # 6 Appendix 4B - GCA Dealer Handbook 2, # 7 Appendix 4C - GCA Dealer Handbook 3)(ECW)

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APPENDIX 1 RONALDO’S TRADE DRESS The design features which comprise the trade dress of Plaintiff’s jewelry works include a combination of square, diamond and round cut 18-20 gauge artist’s wire and sterling silver wire, which when used in a twisted form has approximately 8-10 twists per inch and use 18 gauge half round wrap to form the hook clasps. The clasps have a distinctive, signature shape of a house, having at least six equal horizontal wraps and then wraps that taper to a point, like the roof of a house, to meet the hook and eye sides of the closure. Bracelets that feature gemstones or pearls incorporate stones and pearls that are 5-6 millimeters in size, and are set in the bracelet using a distinctive “window” frame for each stone or pearl; four wire wraps flank the windows with two wraps in between each pearl or stone. Bracelets which incorporate flat stones or bugle bead stones use stones that are 4 by 13 millimeters. Pattern bar bracelets feature a flat pattern bordered by a square and twisted signature gold and/or silver wire wrap, with five sets of wraps, each three wraps around. By using gold and silver wire and stones and/or pearls of similar dimensions and consistent number of wraps to frame jewels and embellish pattern bars, all Ronaldo bracelets share a recognizable look that identifies their source.

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