Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc. v. Prinzo

Filing 79

PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION Signed by Honorable David C. Bramlette, III on 9/19/2016 (Attachments: # 1 Appendix 1 - Trade Dress, # 2 Appendix 2 - Infringing Works, # 3 Appendix 3 - Ronaldo's Works, # 4 Appendix 4 - Catalogs - cover page, # 5 Appendix 4A - GCA Dealer Handbook 1, # 6 Appendix 4B - GCA Dealer Handbook 2, # 7 Appendix 4C - GCA Dealer Handbook 3)(ECW)

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Earrings are also available to match any style bracelet. stones and beads are exchangeable, or you may create a new design E2 El E7 E3 E9 El3 Medium Available Size 9 All Des1gns Copyrighted Items shown are actual ,jze 10 All Designs Copyrighted Wo&~~ A~c~ Semi-Precious Gem Stones ) Stones will vary in shades of color. Rectangle stones 4 x 13mm Tiger' Eye Lapis Goldstone Hematite How lite Unakite Bloodstone Blue Lace Agate Natural Mother of Pearl Malachite Pink Rhyolite Snowflake Obsidian Green Rhyolite y Crazy Lace Agate African Turquoise Leopard Skin Jasper ) Zebra Agate Bleached Mother of Pearl Yellow Ja per Poppy Jasper Botswannon Agate Poppy Jasper Oval Cloisonne 8mm Black White Red Green Plum Blue Imperial Cloi onne 6mm , Black ) White Green Plum { ~ 8mm Red 6mm 5mm ., Blue J) 4mm Corrugated 8mm Smooth ll 6mm Imperial ,J) 5mm ~6-/ ~ff//, -6J4o-crt-r/e.J ~//Vla/ly .7 6(?~6y~/.J • HANDCRAFfED PRODUCTS • LOWER COST TO YOUR CUSTOMERS • DIRECT SALES MEANS LESS OVERHEAD • DECIDE ON YOUR PAYCHECK SIZE • EXTRA INCOME/FLEXIBLE HOURS • MA AGEMENT FUTURE • LARGE SELECTION OF PRODUCTS • LARGE THIRD PARTY PRODUCT Ll ES I.E. DIAMONDS/EMERALDS • POWER TO CREATE EW DESIGNS • PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS • PROMOTE YOURSELF BY TRAIN! G GOLD CRAFf ASSOCIATES BUSINESS KIT Sold exclu~ively by authoriLed dealer., GOLD CRAFf ASSOCIATES -lJO Scenic View Drh.c Laconia. IN -1-7135 9 lO Page 4 11 Monarch Series TRC-S170 PRINCESS 14KT ROLLED GOLD & STERLING SILVER TRC-S170 PRINCESS 14KT ROLLED GOLD TRC-S270 BUCKINGHA1114KT ROLLED GOLD & STERUNG SILVER TRC-S285 WINDSOR 14KT ROLLED GOLD &STERLING S[VER Copyright, The Ronalda Collection. All rights reserved. Page 5 12 ESUS Sticks With You! ONLY i J~.00 each! Great For Fundraisers! RONALDO has created a beautiful Jesus Stick Pin that can be worn with pride. This Jesus stick pin is mounted on a handsome card \vith a Bible verse. Included is a December birth stone representing Jesus' birthday and his love for you. < ::<> r>y x- i g l :..t:- • --r 1-.. e R. c:> .t."1 a l clc:> < ::: <:> Jl e c t: i <>t.~. ~11 11 r i g. l"' t: s r eserv-ecl 13 Page 7 • Celebrate! ·rhe love and \\:onder of the most precious gift god gives! \\'it h a gift of your O\\ n Birthstone Bahy Ring (,harms! Birth'\tnnc ltt1·1\ rinc. charm'' . ... <>ur h.tnd-cr.tftcd rin!! ch.trm' "ere rn.Hh.' c-..pcciall~ tn he \\nrrt h~ V1Pthcr' .md <ir.llldrnPtlwr-... ( 'htHl-..(.' ~ullr n,th~\ hirth nlllfllh ,tfld \\l' ~ lr j( Clo-..c (II 'nur hc.trt ~ \\.(.·\c llllltH.I Pllt thuugh. th,tt \h,tht'f'\ .tnd <ir.mdmothcr' .trcn·t the Pn~ nth'' \\h11 l()\l' them . . \mPnc \\C,tr htrth-..ttlllt.: nng dl.trm-... I tw~·rc" grt·.tt gttt tlk.t fpr ~1nthcr' . <•r.tndmntlh.'r'. lt'L'I1'-. k jd,. n~..·,, I~'' cd-... cou pk·-... ,tfld llltll hl· r' t11 he ! I for $10.00 or 3 for $25.00 1 .teh hnth,tntw rmg charm l'lllkd c.old ~ haml -rr.tltt·d lnnn I-lk \\ith a 't~l'll\lirh.· ""·''''r"kt cn,t.t the hirth llltlflth . . ~..·t lfl tht· n·ntt·r "ith \\ln.'. rcprc,cntm~~ t\\ ll Each purchase of 3 or more comes \Vith a free 20" or 2~" executh·e hvisted nugget neckhu'c! j, ~nld 1111 c.tdl "'d\ . So \\'hat arc you \\'aiting tor'! Clive the gift that they'll really ~tppn:ciate ~ A pcr"tonalizcd gift of )o\~~ < ; ,. •1 " ' :~ • i.J--;1\1_ '"' 1 • 1'\c.. .. l~c t>&'1;.•14..1< .• < .. < > 1 ..... . "- • • c. ,. • ' I ' • <l. • ~" ' 11 • i }' ·.. 1 ... • ... '" .. ..... ' ... I .... ' ... ... <..I Page 8 Historical Necklaces A.-- Byzantine-- 780+ individual "o"rings cut and flied \\i.thin 1/1000" ( ) n-1asfcr ( ~raftsmcn "vill attcn:1pt this necklace. c :an rake up t"<> <>nc u r cck t<> l">u.ilo <>nc t""lccklacc. Very litnitcd in production . .\vailablc in 14kt/rg and in 14kt solid Gold. B.- Grecian Necklace- .\lrernacing SmoOth and Diamond cut 1/2'' links with hand made clasp Availnblc in 14~'-t /t·g and in l4kt soli<.l <-;old. c.- Grecianvail able ~linarun.' links ofSmooth flo\\~ng ·4Uatc \Virc with<;old. clasp.. rccklacc .... hanomadc in 14kt / rg and in 14kt ~olid i\ l) ... . . (,rccian ~ecklace . . . . 1/2" link~ .L\. vaiJablc in 14kt·/ rg E.- C redan 1\:ecklace - ~linarure of l)ian1ond cut with hand n1ade clasp . at~d in 14kt solid c;old. links all Diatnond cut with hand1nade clasp. L"\vaiJal>]<..; in 14kt/rg and in 14kt S<>]id C;<>kl. < • c. :.. 1 .,. ' a· i J. ~I " c _ .. J • t -a c..... I :.t... • ,. a a. .. , 1 ~ t c. • c ._ • • 11 c... .. c. c :a c. "' :a. '1. I t ' c.. • ..,..., 11 a. "' i 1- !. 1 -a t ~ a. · '- "So c. • , c.. .. t l .J Page 9 -s.. -'" .. .......... . . . , c.. • <. 1 tV The Gentry Series· TRC S203-2 Lady TRC S203-3 Duchess S204 Squire TRC S205 Duke IJagc 10 < : opyright~ "l'hc H . onaldo <:ollcct-ion. Inc. 1\.ll rights reserved . 17 Copyright, The Ronalda Collection Inc. All rights reserved. 18 · ght, J.""be Renaldo Collection Inc. All rights r 19 20 The Ronalda Collection Personalized Heirlooms This is a sen 1cc that e' Cl) one 10\ es It gets them 1m oh·cd m t11c crcatJ\ c process When t11c~ rcccl\ c thc1r one of a kind p1ccc an hctrloom that the) "111 treasure for )ears to come. 11 '' 111 become Perhaps your customer has a cameo from their beloved grandmother or an arrowhead that they found on a sunny day at the lake with their grandfather. Maybe a coin that has a special meaning to them. Whatever the article, Ronaldo wants to help your customer preserve their memento and tum it into a treasured heirloom. After Ronaldo Creates tlus Artist Original for) our customer. the) "111 receive along ,,;th their piece. a photograph of t11e ptece that has been signed and dated b) the Artist. Page 1-l 21 Page15 22

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