Hunter v. Salem, Missouri, City of et al

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Designation of Neutral by parties and ADR Conference Report by Plaintiff Anaka Hunter Neutral: Sher, Richard P. Date of Conference: 4/30/2013 time: 9 a.m. Location: 190 Carondelet, Suite 1100, St. Louis, Missouri(Rothert, Anthony)

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I UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF MISSOURI EASTERN DIVISION Anaka Hunter ) ) Plaintiff(s), ) ) ) ) ) vs. Salem Public Library Board of Trustees, et al. Case No. 4:12-cv-4 ERW ) ) Defendant(s). DESIGNATION OF NEUTRAL BY PARTIES AND ADR CONFERENCE REPORT Pursuant to the Court's Order Referring Case to ADR for mediation/early neutral evaluation, dated November 2, 2012 the parties hereby designate by agreement the following individual from the Court's list of Certified Neutrals to serve as Neutral in the above-styled action: Name of Neutral: Richard Sher Firm Name and Address: Sher Corwin Winters LLC The Plaza at Clayton 190 Carondelet Suite 1100 St. Louis, Missouri 63105 Telephone & FAX Number: Phone: (314) 721-5200; Fax: (314) 721-5201 The attorneys of record in this case are: Name of Lead Counsel: Anthony E. Rothert (for Plaintiff) Firm Name and Address: American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri 454 Whittier Street St. Louis, Missouri 63108 Telephone & FAX Number: Phone: (314) 669-3420; Fax: (314) 652-3112 Name of Other Counsel: Matt Cologna (for Defendants) I Firm Name and Address: Baird, Lightner, Millsap & Harpool, PC 1901-C South Ventura Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65804 Telephone & FAX Number: Phone: (417) 887-0133; Fax: (417) 887-8740 The completion deadline for this ADR referral is January 4, 2013 The parties, in consultation with the assigned neutral, hereby designate by agreement the following date, time, and location of the initial ADR conference: Date of Conference: April 30 20 13 Time of Conference: 9 a.m. a/p.m. Location of Conference (Check One): Designated Space at the United States Courthouse, 111 South Tenth Street, St. Louis, MO 63102 $ Other Location: 190 Carondelet Suite 1100 St. Louis, Missouri 63105 All parties and the assigned neutral have been given at least fourteen (14) days notice of the above-dated conference. The neutral shall schedule any additional conference(s) in consultation with the parties. We, the undersigned parties to this action, declare that this designation is both consensual and mutual. /s/ Anthony E. Rothert Date Signature of Plaintiff(s) Signature of Defendant(s)

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