Werner v. Columbia Properties Ozarks, Ltd. et al

Filing 161

CLERK'S JUDGMENT in favor of Genise E. Werner against Columbia Properties Ozarks, Ltd., Columbia Sussex Corporation. (Russel, Jeri)

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Western District of Missouri JUDGMENT IN A CIVIL CASE Genise E Werner v. Columbia Properties Ozarks, Ltd, et al. Case Number - 09-4091-CV-C-NKL X _ Jury Verdict. This action came before the Court for a trial by jury. verdict. The issues have been tried and the jury has rendered its Decision by Court. has been rendered. This action came to trial or hearing before the Court. The issues have been tried or heard and a decision IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED - by verdict of June 30, 2010, on the claim of plaintiff for personal injury, the jurors, assessed percentages of fault as follows: Columbia Sussex Corporation and Columbia Properties Ozarks , Ltd 60% and plaintiff Genise Werner 40%. Jurors found the total amount of plaintiff's damages, disregarding any fault on the part of plaintiff, to be $234,000. by verdict of June 30, 2010, the jurors found that defendants are not liable for punitive damages. ENTERED ON: July 1, 2010 July 1, 2010 Date Ann Thompson Clerk of Court /s/ J Russel J Russel (By) Deputy Clerk

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