Laurent et al v. AmeriGas Propane, Inc. et al

Filing 90

ORDER Approving the Parties' Stipulated Protective Order re (104 in 4:09-md-02086-GAF) Notice of filing,,,,,,,, filed by AmeriGas Propane, Inc., Steve Huffman, J. Allen Downs, Laora Fishman, Yisroel Lazaroff, Jack Fuller, Melissa Eskharia, Peter Yunis, Pat Mallaney, AmeriGas Partners, LP, Bruce McIntyre, Ferrelgas, Inc., Sara Hook, Amerigas Propane, Inc, Kevin Kennedy, Ferrellgas, L.P., Tina Mattern, Gina M Calarco, Amerigas Propane, L.P., Brian Border, Ferrellgas, Inc., Amerigas Propane L. P., Ferrellgas LP, William Andrew McNeil, Ferrellgas Inc, Christopher Nelson, Amerigas Eagle Propane, L.P., Derrick Jackson, Joseph Vandyke, Blue Rhino Corporation, Amerigas Propane Inc, Gary Kashefska, Don Parker, Brett Steven Powell, Arron Michael Laurent, Does, Dennis Carroll, John Sponcil, Michael D'Aloia, Ferrellgas Partners L.P., Daniel D. Scholtec, Amerigas Propane, Inc,., Marino Guzman, Ferrellgas Partners, L.P., John Rustay, David Goldman, Bart Fraenkel, Amerigas Partners, L.P., Da vid Judd, Mark Rodgers, Jacob Knopke, Jeremy Drucker, Ferrellgas Partnerss L.P., Bill Mattern, Jason Brownstein, Serge Traylor, AmeriGas Propane, LP Signed on 4/14/10 by District Judge Gary A. Fenner. Associated Cases: 4:09-md-02086-GAF, 2:09-cv-041 76-GAF, 4:09-cv-00465-GAF, 4:09-cv-00841-GAF, 4:09-cv-00842-GAF, 4:09-cv-00843-GAF, 4:09-cv-00844-GAF, 4:09-cv-00917-GAF, 4:09-cv-00918-GAF, 4:09-cv-00919-GAF, 4:09-cv-00920-GAF, 4:09-cv-00922-GAF, 4:09-cv-00923-GAF, 4:09-cv-00924-GAF, 4:09-cv-00925-GAF, 4:09-cv-00926-GAF, 4:09-cv-00927-GAF, 4:09-cv-00928-GAF, 4:09-cv-00929-GAF(Mitchell, Lisa)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF MISSOURI WESTERN DIVISION IN RE: PRE-FILLED PROPANE TANK ) MARKETING & SALES PRACTICES ) LITIGATION ) ) ALL ACTIONS ) MDL NO. 2086 Master Case No. 09-2086-MD-W-GAF ORDER APPROVING THE PARTIES' STIPULATED PROTECTIVE ORDER Pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(c) and a prior Order of the Court (Doc. #6), the respective counsel for the plaintiffs and defendants have stipulated and agreed that the provisions contained within their Stipulated Protective Order (Doc. #104) shall govern the pretrial disclosure and use by the parties of all documents, electronically stored information ("ESI"), testimony, and other information given during the course of discovery that is designated "Confidential" or "Highly Confidential Attorneys' Eyes Only." The Court APPROVES the parties' Stipulated Protective Order and shall hereafter enforce its terms. IT IS SO ORDERED. s/ Gary A. Fenner Gary A. Fenner, Judge United States District Court DATED: April 14, 2010 1

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