Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Inc. et al v. Camdenton R-III School District et al

Filing 54

REPLY SUGGESTIONS to motion re 6 MOTION for preliminary injunction filed by Mark S. Sableman on behalf of Plaintiffs Campus Pride, Inc., Dignity, Inc., Jane Doe, Matthew Shepard Foundation, Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 1A, # 3 Exhibit 1B, # 4 Exhibit 1C, # 5 Exhibit 2A, # 6 Exhibit 2B, # 7 Exhibit 3, # 8 Exhibit 4, # 9 Exhibit 5, # 10 Exhibit 6, # 11 Exhibit 7, # 12 Exhibit 8, # 13 Exhibit 9, # 14 Exhibit 10)(Related document(s) 6 ) (Sableman, Mark)

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Camdenton R-III School District Vs. the ACLU Lake Area Conservative Club Page I 1 of 2 Camdenton Tea Party From Our President)) Our Commissioners' Reports Search... Search Home Camdenton R-lil School District Vs. the ACLU Events>) About lisa Contact Ua Join the LACC RSS Feed Camdenton R-III School District Vs. the ACLU WelcometolakeAreaConservaliveClub The Lake Area Conservative Club is a group of citizens who have joined together to restore not just fical discipline to our government, but to promote the return of traditional conservative values that made the United States of America such a great Country. We believe the Constitution should be a revered document and we should follow those ideas as set forth by the framers in the Constitution. Please come join us in this endeavor to accomplish such goals that would allow our children and grand children to have the same opportunities we have enjoyed. The Lake Area Conservative Club strongly supports the Camdenton R-III system against the ACLU. Since the lawsuit by the ACLU was filed, the Lake Area Conservative Club has contacted the Alliance Defense Fund about intervening on behalf of our school system. Recent Posts o LACC members in attendance during the previous two school board special sessions were calling on the School Board and Superintendent Tim Hadfield to seek ADF's counsel and expertise alongside the attorney representing the school district. The ADF fees in most cases are pro bono. Our kids and our school system are too precious not to seek advice from those who are familiar with the ACLU and their bullying tactics. In addition to help from the ADF, School Board members have also been personally contacted by attorneys as far away as Washington, D.C. offering their assistance against the ACLU. o o o ° What is clear is that there are multiple school systems monitoring this suit across the country as it works its way through the courts. Every school system thus far in twenty states has caved in on the ACLU's "filtering project" with the exception of one: Camdenton R-III. This has been reported on Fox News and newspapers on the East Coast. Saturday Event Against Obaniacare .....lJrgcnt (.iovernor Nixon Issues Executive Order to Establish Obamacare in Missouri The 224th Anniversary of our Constitution Alliance Defense Fund Files jypport LACC on KRMS ofçJ-Jjj LACC September 2011 It is unknown at this time whether or not the ADF filed the friend-of-the-court brief with the blessing of the school board, which is not required. MTWT Click on the following links for more information: 5 F S S 1234 6 7 8 9 1011 Related News: 121314 5161718 192021 22232425 http://blog.tellactf.orgi2ol 1/09/09/aclu-trumpeting-non-sexual-sexualitv-sites-for-schoolchildren/ a Aug! 9/16/2011 Page 2 of 2 Camdenton R-III School District Vs. the ACLU Lake Area Conservative Club I http//www.upLcorniTpNews/tJS/20 II sitesf1JPi- 19901314722249/ /oS'30/ACLcp.j±.mu:y.Wb: Related Documents: Sunshine Response from Camdenton R-llI Schools to the ACLU Demand letter from PELAG Original lawsuit filed by PFLAG against the Camdenton School District. MTWT F S S 2627282930 u Aug Web Design by l)reamStoneMedia.corn Copyright Lake Area Conservative Club. All Rights Reserved. 17052 Motion for Preliminary Injunction Suport for Motion for Preliminary injunction Children's Internet Protection Act. Letter fiom the ADF to the Gwinnett County, GA public schools. 9/16/2011

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