Butte School District No. 1 v. C.S. et al

Filing 160

ORDER re (142) Motion in case 2:14-cv-00060-SEH; (140) Motion in case 2:14-cv-00061-SEH. See Order for details on judicial notice. No notice is taken of any facts stated in the opinions or orders that are not adjudicative facts. Signed by Judge Sam E Haddon on 2/14/2018. Associated Cases: 2:14-cv-00060-SEH, 2:14-cv-00061-SEH (NOS)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONT ANA FILED FEB 14 2018 BUTTE DIVISION IN RE BUTTE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. I Clerk, U.S. District Court District Of Montana Helena No. CV 14-60-BU-SEH This document relates to all actions Pending before the Court are Defendants' Renewed Motions to Take Judicial Notice of Court Orders and Opinion in In Re CS I These motions are opposed. Taking of judicial notice is governed by Fed. R. Evid. 20 I: (b) Kinds of Facts That May Be Judicially Noticed. The cou11 may judicially notice a fact that is not subject to reasonable dispute because it: (1) is generally known within the trial court's territorial jurisdiction; or (2) can be accurately and readily determined from sources whose accuracy cannot reasonably be questioned. The Court "may take judicial notice on its own." 2 Judicial notice must be taken "'if 1 Doc. 142 in 2:14-cv-00060-SEH; Doc. 140 in 2:14-cv-00061-SEH. 2 Fed. R. Evid. 20l(c)(l). a party requests it and the court is supplied with the necessary information."' ORDERED: Judicial notice is taken of the existence and filing of record of: 1. Montana Supreme Court's Opinion in In Re CS, 329 P.3d 98 I ;4 2. Order Relieving Mary Jo Mahoney as Surrogate, Appointing Stuart McCarval [sic] as Parent and Awarding Attorney Fees and Costs, In !he /vfatler of CS, DN-13-4 (Mont. 2d Jud. Dist., Dec. 15, 2014);5 and 3. Order Amending Order Dated December 15, 2014, In the ,/vfatter of CS, DN-13-4 (Mont. 2d Jud. Dist., Feb. 4,2015)." No notice is taken of any facts stated in the opinions or orders that are not adjudicative facts. DATED this /4ay of February, 2018. ~t:f ┬Ál,t~ United States District Judge 3 Fed. R. Evid. 20l(c)(2). 4 Doc.121-l in2:14-cv-00060-SEH;Doc.119-l in2:14-cv-00061-SEH. 5 Doc. 121-2 in 2: 14-cv-00060-SEH; Doc. 119-2 in 2: 14-cv-00061-SEI I. 6 Doc. 121-3 in 2:14-cv-00060-SEH; Doc. 119-3 in 2:14-cv-00061-SEll. -2-

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