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FINAL ORDER: Issued and signed by Judge Brian Morris on 11/15/2016. A copy of this order was mailed to all parties on today's date. (HMM)

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United .States District Court District of Montana Chambers of Brian Morris United States District Judge Missouri River Courthouse 125 Central Avenue West, Suite 301 Great Falls, Montana 59404 (406) 727-8877 November 15, 2016 Boone A. Whitmer 872 Nickwall Road Wolf Point, MT 59201 In Re: MCV-16-01-GF-BMM Dear Mr. Whitmer: Thank you for your response to my earlier Order of September 19, 2016. It is my view that jury service is a solemn responsibility of being a citizen of the United States, as well as a privilege. After reading your response, I am satisfied that your failure to appear for service in our court was not intentional. Therefore, you are being maintained in our jury pool and subject to an additional month of on-call jury service. I trust if you are summoned in the future you will report as requested. r Morris United States District Judge BMM:sll cc: Jury Administrator

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