Spreadbury v. Bitterroot Public Library et al

Filing 213

NOTICE by Michael E. Spreadbury (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B - DVD being held on shelf in Clerk's Office-Msla). (NOS, )

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Michael E. Spreadbury FILED 700 S. FEB· , 2012 4th Street Ill. PATRICK E. OUFFY. CtERI( Hamilton, MT 59840 DEPuTY ClERI(, MIiiiIOULA ­ Telephone: (406) 363-3877 mspread@hotmail.com Pro Se Plaintiff IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTANA MISSOULA DIVISION Cause No: 9: 1 l-cv-l1-64-DWM-JCL ) MICHAEL E. SPREADBURY ) Plaintiff v. ) PLAINTIFF PRESENTS BITTERROOT PUBLIC LIBRARY, ) FINAL AMENDED CITY OF HAMILTON, ) DISCOVERY VIA RULE LEE ENTERPRISES INC., ) 26 (e) BOONE KARLBERG PC, ) Defendants ) Comes now Plaintiff with final amended discovery for trial. Information will include witness list, discoverable evidence to be used at trial, attached. Witnesses: Name address nature oftestimony Plaintiff modified discovery Cause 9:11·cv-11-64-DWM·JCl January 30, 2012 I) Dr. Robert Brophy 306 State St Hamilton MY 59840 Library Board president removed privileges without following BPL policy, Montana law. 2) Jerry Steele 223 S. 3ed St Hamilton MT Mayor of City that does not exist, spoke to two constituents in office and defamed plaintiff. 3) Kenneth S. Bell 223 S. 2nd St Hamilton MT 59840 prosecuted plaintiff for peaceful assembly, attended Bitterroot Public Library meetings, entered civil courtroom 11/20/2009 on behalf of library staff. 4) Stacey Mueller 2500 N. Reserve Missoula MT 59801 former publisher of Defendant Lee Missoulian, oversees and authorizes articles published about Plaintiff, was responsible officer for Defendant Lee. 5) Perry Backus 332 W. Main St. Hamilton MT. Former editor Defendant Ravalli Republic. Authorized photograph, article of Plaintiff "trespass" on public property. 6) Trista Smith 306 State St. Hamilton MT 59840 BPL director; Information on American Library Association policies. 7) Craig Shepard 223 S. 3ed S1. Hamilton MT 59840 As Defendant city finance manager, can answer questions as to Defendant City, Bitterroot Public Library related financial questions. 2 Plaintiff modified discovery Cause 9:11-cv-11-64-DWM-JCL January 30, 2012 8) Tony Malley 1699 Sleeping Child Rd Hamilton MT 59840 Witness at November 20, 2009 hearing, conversation Defendant Snavely August 20, 2009. 9) Desiree Dramstad 208 Main St. Stevensville MT 59870 NVPL Stevensville Director; Librarian with experience as director ofproximity library in Montana, former director of Montana State Prison Library. 10) Joseph Constantino 306 State St. Hamilton MT 59840 Working at Defendant Bitterroot Public Library on or around July 10, 2009 as plaintiff asked for policy of Defendant Library. 11) Detective Murphy 223 S. 2rd St. Hamilton MT. Writing on a website as stalking, unlawful entry onto Plaintiff property October 4, 20 II. 12) Officer Snavely 223 S. 2nd S1. Hamilton, MT. Interaction August 20, 2009 at Bitterroot Public Library common, or public property. 13) Officer Auch 205 Bedford St. Suite G Hamilton MT 59840. Suggest ban from library by certified letter, no Plaintiff conduct warranted action; prior HPD officer. 14) Judge Michael J. Reardon 223 S. 2nd Hamilton MT 59840. Presided over November 20,2009 hearing, February 18,2010 "trespass" trial. 15) Rose Allen Clerk City ofHamilton 223 S. 2nd St. Hamilton MT 59840 Witnessed Mayor Steele admit no incorporation of Hamilton in 2009. Plaintiff modified discovery Cause 9: ll-cv-1l-64-DWM-JCL January 30, 2012 16) Ellyn Jones 1384 Meridian Rd. Victor, Mf 59875 Board Member, Board President at time of August 20, 2009, requested meeting attendance in writing. 17) Alan Hulse MMlA 3115 McHugh Dr. Helena MT 59602; Defendant eligibility 18) Regina Plettenberg 215 S. 4th St Hamilton MT 59840; Ravalli County Clerk, no documents for municipality for the city of Hamilton MT. 19) Lorraine Crotty 1000 South Second St. Hamilton MT 59840. Conversation in Defendant City Hall with Defendant Jerry Steele. Plaintiff attaches PLA 190-PLA 211 as discoverable evidence, which includes 32 second video of Defendant Oster unlawful entry of Plaintiff residence October 4, 2011 as PLA -DVD-OOl; Photo location of Plaintiff 8/20/09BPL; PLA -PIC-l In accordance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26(e) Plaintiff presents this discovery information to be used at trial. ~ Respectfully submitted this?fJ y of January, 2012 Michael E. Spreadbury, Pro Se Plaintiff Attach: PLA190-PLA 211documents; PLA-DVD-l video; PLA-PIC-1Photo 4 Certificate of Service Cause No. 9:2011-cv-ll-0064-DWM-JCL I certifY as Plaintiff in this action, a copy of the below named pleading was served upon the US District Court Missoula Division and all opposing counsel for parties in this above named cause of action by first class mail. The following addresses were used for service: Plaintiffpresents final amended discovery via Rule 26(e) Russell Smith Federal Courthouse Clerk of Court 201 E. Broadway Missoula, MT 59803 Defendant Counsel: Plaintiff Counsel: William L. Crowley Michael E. Spreadbuty Boone Karlberg PC POBox4l6 PO Box 9199 Hamilton, MT 59840 Missoula MT 59807 (self-represented) Jeffrey B Smith Garlington, Lohn, & Robbinson PLLP POBox 7909 Missoula MT 59807 Dated _ _ _1/3012012,_ __ Michael E. Spreadbuty, Pro Se Plaintiff

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