Sarens USA, v. Lowery

Filing 29

CLERK'S JUDGMENT. Associated Cases: 9:20-cv-00047-DWM, 9:20-cv-00060-DWM (NOS)

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Case 9:20-cv-00047-DWM Document 29 Filed 01/08/21 Page 1 of 1 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MONTANA MISSOULA DIVISION SARENS USA, INC., Lead Case No. CV 20-47-M-DWM Plaintiff, Member Case No. CV 20-60-M-DWM vs. AMY LOWERY, JUDGMENT Defendant. Jury Verdict. This action came before the Court for a trial by jury. The issues have been tried and the jury has rendered its verdict. X Decision by Court. This action came before the Court for bench trial, hearing, or determination on the record. A decision has been rendered. IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that judgment is entered consistent with the Court's Order dated January 8, 2021, AFFIRMING the agency decision. The matter of an attorney fee award and amount for both this proceeding and the proceeding below is REMANDED to the agency to determine in the first instance. Lead case no. CV 20-47-M-DWM and member case no. CV 20-60-M-DWM are now closed. Dated this 8th day of January, 2021. TYLER P. GILMAN, CLERK By: /s/ Nicole Stephens Nicole Stephens, Deputy Clerk

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