Rust et al v. Gunter et al

Filing 120

MEMORANDUM AND ORDER - There is no longer need to refer to Eric F. Vela and Jorge A. Galindo as parties, but they now join Lotter and the other inmates on death row as beneficiaries of any provision of a decree favorable to Lotter. Eric F. Vela and Jorge A. Galido, as well as all other inmates on death row, shall not be known as parties, unless application is made and receives approval of the court for joinder under Rule 20 or for intervention under Rule 24 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedu re. The interests of all inmates on death row, including Eric F. Vela and Jorge A. Galindo, shall be represented by Michael Wilson. The defendants have agreed that by reason of stare decisis any decree entered will be applicable to each death row in mate held at the Tecumseh facility at the time of the decree or thereafter. This action shall not proceed as a class action under Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, unless so designated by order of the court. The Clerk shall assign thi s case to Magistrate Judge Cheryl Zwart for pretrial purposes, including discovery, scheduling and holding pretrial conference or conferences, settlement conference or conferences, and setting a trial date amenable to counsel. Discovery is expected t o be completed within three months of the date of this order, subject to change, of course, by Magistrate Judge Zwart. Counsel may proceed with discovery as orally stated in our telephone call of January 20, 2011, until any change is made by Judge Zw art. Edward G. Warin of Kutak Rock LLP, appointed by my order of March 1, 2010, to represent Eric F. Vela and Jorge A. Galindo, is relieved of his appointment, but has volunteered to remain as advisory counsel to Michael Wilson as may be requested b y Michael Wilson. Matthew M. Enenbach has also appeared with Edward G. Warin for Eric F. Vela and Jorge A. Galindo. He similarly is relieved of representation of Vela and Galindo, except insofar as Mr. Warin's letter of January 17, 2011, appear s to include Mr. Enenbach as a volunteer advisory counsel to Michael Wilson, as may be requested by Michael Wilson. I understand that neither Mr. Warin nor Mr.Enenbach expect to receive any fee but do expect to be reimbursed for litigation expense through the Federal Practice Fund. That arrangement of voluntary service is approved by the court. Ordered by Senior Judge Warren K. Urbom. (GJG)

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