Dean v. Gage County, Nebraska, et al

Filing 376

ORDER- IT IS ORDERED that the jury's sixth question and jury's seventh question are not answered, as the court declared a mistrial after questioning the jury in relation to the jury's sixth question.(238 in 4:11-cv-03099-RGK-CRZ, 37 3 in 4:09-cv-03146-RGK-CRZ, 374 in 4:09-cv-03147-RGK-CRZ, 371 in 4:09-cv-03148-RGK-CRZ, 374 in 4:09-cv-03144-RGK-CRZ, 384 in 4:09-cv-03145-RGK-CRZ), Jury Questions/Answers(369 in 4:09-cv-03148-RGK-CRZ, 371 in 4:09-cv-03146-RGK-CRZ, 236 in 4:11-cv-03099-RGK-CRZ, 372 in 4:09-cv-03144-RGK-CRZ, 372 in 4:09-cv-03147-RGK-CRZ, 382 in 4:09-cv-03145-RGK-CRZ) Member Cases: 4:09-cv-03144-RGK-CRZ et al.Ordered by Senior Judge Richard G. Kopf. (AOA)

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