Amlin Corporate Insurance N.V. et al v. Union Pacific Railroad Company et al

Filing 3

GENERAL ORDER No. 2007-19 regarding the assignment of cases involving Berkshire Hathaway or it subsidiaries as parties.Ordered by Chief Judge Joseph F. Bataillon, Judge Richard G. Kopf, and Judge Laurie Smith Camp. (TCL )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT F O R THE DISTRICT OF NEBRASKA IN RE AS S IG N M E N T OF CASES INVOLVING B E R K S H IR E HATHAWAY OR ITS S U B S ID IAR IE S AS PARTIES ) ) ) ) ) G E N E R AL ORDER N o . 2007-19 T o avoid potential conflicts of interest, the Nebraska Judicial Council has agreed that a l l cases filed on the Omaha and North Platte dockets subsequent to the date of this order in which Berkshire Hathaway or one of its subsidiaries is a party shall be directly assigned to S e n ior United States District Judge Lyle E. Strom for full pretrial management and trial. The court will identify a corporate entity as a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary based s o le ly on information that the entity discloses in the disclosure statement required by Federal R u le of Civil Procedure 7.1 and Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 12.4. This disclosure s ta te m e n t must be filed in each new case in which the corporate entity is a party. T h e clerk's office is directed to file a copy of this order in each case assigned or re a s s ig n e d to Judge Strom because Berkshire Hathaway or one of its subsidiaries is a party. T h is order shall take effect immediately. IT IS SO ORDERED. D A T E D this 2nd day of November, 2007. B Y THE COURT: s / Joseph F. Bataillon C h ie f Judge s / Richard G. Kopf U n ite d States District Judge s / Laurie Smith Camp U n ite d States District Judge

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