Righthaven LLC v. Angle

Filing 6

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Righthaven LLC re 1 Complaint, 3 Summons Issued. Sharron Angle served on 9/11/2010, answer due 10/2/2010. (Coons, John)

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Righthaven LLC v. Angle Doc. 6 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, DISTRICT OF NEVADA RIGHTHAVEN LLC vs. SHARRON ANGLE Plaintiff, Case No.: 2:10-CV-Oi5{l- Defendant Dept. No.: AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE of the ROGER pAyNE R-038800 being duly sworn says: That at all times herein amant was and is a citi+n -. That States over the 1g years of age, iot a-party to or interested in the procgeOil9sllvflg!_thls affidavit is made United AND DEMAND FoR JURYLTRIAL, on the amant rec"ivea copy (ies) ;f the sufrMoNs ilr nctvtL ncrot't; coMPLAINT s+t"rblr, zoto ano served the same on the 1 1th day of September,20l0, at 8:1oPM by delivlting and leaving a copy with: ;iii;;y;i SHARRON ANGLE 1802 RAINBOW RIDGE RD. RENO, NV 89523 Signed and sworn to before me on '13th day of September, 2010 Pelsoflelly aFpeared, pelsonally kncwn to me or prcved to me on the baEls.of satisfacto-n7 ivldence, to b e the person(s) whose name(s) is/afe subscribed to the wilhin insttument and acknowledged to me thal he/she executed lhe same in his/her/thelf aulhorlzed capaclly{les), and thal by his/h ernheir sig nalu re(r ) on lhe inslrument the person(s), or lhe entity upon behalf of whlch lhe WITNESS my hand and official6eal t "lt-1. - r,f ,,iioi itf,1,i lir,lLi,;iri tn yy'ir, rl l,"t.rv Dockets.Justia.com

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