United States of America v. $91,110.00 in United States Currency

Filing 42

ORDER approving ECF No. 41 Settlement Agreement. Signed by Judge Larry R. Hicks on 12/21/2016. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - KR)

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Case 2:12-cv-01112-LRH-CWH Document 41 Filed 12/20/16 Page 1 of 6 2 3 4 5 DAN IEL G. BOGDEN United Stales Attorney Nevada State Bar No. 2 137 MJCII/\ EI. A. II UM PIJREYS Ass is1a111 Un ited States Allorncy 50 I Las V1.:gas Bou k n ircl South, Su it1..: I I 00 Las Vegas, Nevada 89 10 I Telephone: (702) 388-6336 facsi mil e: (702) 388-6787 Counsel for United States (> 7 8 1) 10 UN ITED STAT ES DJSTRICT COURT II DISTRICT OF NEVADA I2 UN ITED STATES OF AMERICA. 13 Plai11tiff, 14 \'. 15 $9 J, I IO IN UN ITli D ST/\ TES CU RRENCY, 16 Dere11danl. 17 2: 12-CV- 111 2-LRll -(C'W ll ) ) ) Settlement Agrec1ncn1 for Enuy or Judgment ) or Forfoiturc as to Linda Pitts As Duly ) Aulhoriz.ecl Representative of T he Estate or ) Noel I Icard ,ind Order ) ) The United Swtcs of America and l,inda Pitts, as the du ly authorized n.:prcscntativc 18 19 ) ) ) or the Estate of Noel l leard, and her counsel, Gabriel L. Grasso, agree as fo llows: I. 20 This case is a civil lorlciturc m:tion seeking to forfeit $9 1, 11 0 u11dcr T itl e 2 1, 2 1 U11itcd Stat<.:s Code, Sect ion 88 1(a)(6). 2. 22 23 $9 1, 11 0. 3. 24 25 Linda Pitts know ingly and voluntarily agrees to the civil j udicial fo rfei ture of the States. 26 Ill Linda Pitts knowingly and vo luntarily agrees to forfe it the $9 1, 110 to the United Case 2:12-cv-01112-LRH-CWH Document 41 Filed 12/20/16 Page 2 of 6 4. 2 interest in the £9 1, 110. 3 4 Linda Pitts knowingly nncl voluntarily agrees to relinquish all right, title, and 5. Linda Pitts know ingly and voluntarily agn;cs lo w;ii ve her right lO any civil judicial fi1rl'eiturc proceedi ngs (proceedings) com:crning th<.: $9 1, 11 0. 5 6. Linda Pitts knowingly and vo luntarily agrees to waive service of process or any and 6 ni l documents fi led in thi s action or ,my proceedings concerning the $9 I, 11 0 arlsing from the 7 ra<.: ts and circumstances ol' this case. 8 7. Linda Pitts know ingly and voluntari ly agrees to wa ive any further notice to her. her 9 agent, or her allnrneys regarding the forfe iture and disposi ti on o f' the $9 1, 110. I() 11 8. Linda Pi tts knowingly and voluntarily t1grces not to li le any claim, answer, petition, or other documents in any proceedings concerning the $9 1, 110. 12 9. Linda Pills know ingly and voluntarily agn:es to withdraw any claims, answers, 13 counte n.: laims, petitions. or other documents she fil ed in any proceedings concerning the 14 $9 1, 11 0. I 0. Linda Pills knowingly and voluntarily agrees to wa ive the statute or limitations. the 1:5 16 C'/\f-'RA requin.:rncnts, Supplemental Rules f'or Admiralty ur Mc1 ritimc Claims nml Asset 17 Forfeiture Actions A, C, E. and G, 18 U.S.C'. ~ 983 , the constitutiona l requirements, uncl the 18 conslitutionul due prot:css rcquirt!mcnts o f' any forfei ture proceedings concerning the $9 1,110. 11. Linda Pills knowingly and voluntarily agrees to wa ivt: her right to a tri;il on the 19 20 f'orfeiturc o l' the $9 1, 110. 21 12. Linda Pills knowingly and voluntnrily agrees to waive (a) all constitutional. legal, 22 and cquitabh.: defenses to, (b) any constitutional or statutory double jeopard y clcf'cnsc or claim 23 concerning, and (c) any claim or defe nse under the Eighth Arncndmcnl to the United States 24 Constitt1tion, including, but not li1ni tecl to, any claim or defense or excessive tines o r cruel and 25 unusunl punishments in any proceedings concerning the $9 1, 11 0. 26 III 2 Case 2:12-cv-01112-LRH-CWH Document 41 Filed 12/20/16 Page 3 of 6 13. Linda Pitts knowingly and voluntarily agrees to tht: entry of a Judgment of' 2 3 4 Forl'i:iturc ol' the $9 1, 11 0 to the United States. 1--1. Linda Pill s knowingly and voluntaril y agrees to the conditions set J'orlh in this Sct1k111c11l Agreement ror Entry o f' Judgment o l' Forlciturc as to Linda Pitts as chd y authori ;t.ccl 5 rcpresentativ<.: of The Estal<.: of Noel I Icard and Order (Settlement Agreement). (i 15. Linda Pills krl(lwingly and voluntnrily agn:cs to hold harmless the United Slates, the 7 United States Dcpartm<::nt o r .Justice, the United States Attorney's Onicc for the District of 8 Nevada , the Drug Enlq rccmcnt AcJministrntion, the T ransportation Security Administration, < ) I lorrn:land Scx:urity In vestigations, the Unit ed Stales Dcparlrncnt or I lomcland Security, the Las Io Vegas Mi:tropolitan Police Department, tht.: Nt.:vnda I lighway Patrol, the l lcndcrson Police 11 Dcparltm:nt , their agcncii:s, thei r agents, and their empl oyees from any claim made by Linda 12 Pitts or any third pnrly arising nut of the fa cts nnd circumstances or this case. I:\ l 6. I,inda Pitts knowingly and voluntc1rily rt:leascs and forcvl.!r discharges the Uni ted 14 States, the United States Department 01' Justice, the United Stales Atlornt:y's OJ'licc for the 15 District of' Nevnda, the Drng Enforcement Adminislralion, the T ransporlaLion Security I() Administration, l lomcland Security Investigations, the United States Department or I lomcland 17 Security, the Las Vi.:gas Metropolitan Police Department , the Nevada I lighway PnlroL the 18 I lcnclcrsnn Police Department, their agcncics, their agents, and their c mployl.!cS from any and al l 19 claims, rights, or causes or action o f' any kind that Linda Pills now has or may hcrea rtcr have on 20 account o r, or in any way growing m1t ol', the seizures and the forfei tures of the property in the 21 civil judicial forfeit ure. 22 17. Linda Pills knowingly and vollmtarily acknowlcclges, understands, and agrees that 23 (a) she will fill out the Department o f'thc United States T reasury Automated Clearing House 24 (ACH) form on behalf o f Noel Heard and will be using his personal information 10 complete the 25 l'orm; (b) federal law requires the Department o J'thc United Slates Treasury and other di sbursing 26 o nici11ls tu o!Tscl federal pc1yments lo collect delinquent tax and non-tux debts owed lo the 3 Case 2:12-cv-01112-LRH-CWH Document 41 Filed 12/20/16 Page 4 of 6 United Slatl!s and to indi vidual states (int:!ucling past-due child support); (e) i!'a11 offsl!t occurs to 2 the payment to be mnclc on bdrnlf ofNoel Hcnrcl pursLiant to this ngn:cmcnt, she will receive a 3 noti f'i cation from the Dcpm1111c11t or the United States Trensury nt the last .icldrcss provided by 4 her to the governmental ,,gency or cntity to whom the () !Tset payment is mack ; (d) ir she he!ie,·cs 5 the paymen t may be suhj cd to an offset, she may contact the Treasury Department al 1-800-304(> 3 107; (e) the terms of thi s selllcment do nnl ,1 1fcct the tax obligations lines, penalt ies, or any 7 other rnonctnry obligations owed 8 delivered lo Gabrid L. Grasso, on bd1a lf' o!" Noel I Icard, may well be a lesser sum, if'thc 9 Tn:asury Offset Program reduces the amount in satisfaction of'a debt obl igation . 10 lo the United Stal!Js or an indi vidual state; nnd (I') the exact sum 18. /\f'lcr the property is rorf'cited in the civi l casc and the United Stutc.:s Distl'i1.: t C'nurt 11 has signed the Sc.:lllcment Agreement concurning the property, wi thin a practicable time 12 thercaf'tcr for the United Stntcs, the United States agrec.:s to relcusc to Linda Pitts as the duly 13 authori zud rcpresl.!nlntive or The Estate of' Nod Heard one payment or $27,333 less any debt 14 owed to the Unitl.!d States, any agency or the United States, or any debt in which the Uni ted J :'i States is authorized to cnll eel, through Gnbriel L. Grasso. Linda Pitts as the duly authori;,.cd 16 rl!prcscntati vc of'Thc Estnte of Noel IIcard knowingly and voluntarily agrees to fill ou t the ACl-:I 17 form accurately a11d correctly regarding Nod I learcl and submit it to the United States Attorney's 18 Ortice so that the payment of the moncy can be disbursed by electronic !"und transfer. Linda Pills 19 as the duly authorized representati ve of'The Estate of Noel I leard knowingly and voluntarily 20 agrees the S27,333 may be offset by c1ny debt owed to the United Statl:S, nny agency of the 21 United Stal es, or any debt in whid1 the.: United States is authorizc.:cl to coll c.:ct. 22 23 19. Each party ncknowlcdgcs and warrants that its execution of' the Settlement Agreement is free and is voluntary. 24 20. The Settlement Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties. 25 2 1. Except as expressly stated in the Settlement Agreement, no party, orficcr, agent, 26 employee, rcpresc.:ntativc.:, or altorney has made any statement or representation to any other 4 Case 2:12-cv-01112-LRH-CWH Document 41 Filed 12/20/16 Page 5 of 6 pnrty, person, or entity regarding any rael relied upon in entering into the Settlement Agreement. 2 and 110 parly, officer, agent, employee, n.:prcscntativc, or attorney n:lies on such statement or 3 rcprcscnliltion in cxceuting the Sculcmcnl Agreement. 4 5 22. The pcrsons signing the Scttle1ncnt J\grccme11t \\'arrant and rtp rcsc111 that they have fu ll authority to cxccLtte the Settlcmcnl Agreement and to bind the persons and/or entities, nn 6 whose bclrnl f' thcy an; signing, to the terms of' lhe Scttlcmenl Agreement. 7 23. Thi s Scttlemcnl /\grcement slwll bu construed and interprclccl according to federal 8 forfeiture lnw and li.:dcrnl common law. 'f'hcjl1riscliction rind the venue l'or any dispute related CJ to, and/or arising l'rom, this Settl ement Agreement is the unorlicial Southern Division ol' lhc 1o United Slal\!s Di strict Court ll>r tlw Distrii.;t of' Nevada, located in Las Vl!gas, Nevada . JI 24. Euch party shall bear her or its ow n attorneys ' r~cs, expenses, costs, and interest. 12 25. T his Settlement Agreement shall not be construed more strictly against one party 13 thun 11gainst the other merely by virlu<.: of' the fact that it may have been prepa red primarily by 14 couns<.:I for one orthe parties; it bei ng recognized that both parties have contributed substant ially 15 nnd malcrinll y to the preparation o!'t his Settlement Agrecm<.:nt. 16 II I 1 II I 7 18 II I 19 II I 20 II I 21 II I 22 I II 23 II I 24 II I 25 I I I 26 II I 5 Case 2:12-cv-01112-LRH-CWH Document 41 Filed 12/20/16 Page 6 of 6 IT IS HEREBY Cl~ RTIF I l~D, pmsuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2465(a)(2), that there wus 2 reasonab le cause fo r the seizure and rorfoiture of the $9 1,110. 3 4 D/\Tl~ - - - - - - - D: 5 G/\13 Rl ~L L. GRASSO, P.C. :~ 0/\BRI EL L. (i lV \ SSO 8 Co unsel !hr Linda Pills as the duly authorized representat ive for The Estate of 9 Noe l I leard ICI 1 /\EI. A. 1IUMPHR EYS Ass istant United Slates Allorncy 10 11 IT IS SO OHD ERED: DATED this 21st day of December, 2016 20 21 ________________________________ UN ITED ST/\TES DISTRICT JUDGE LARRY R. HICKS DATED: UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 22 ------------1 23 24 25 26 6

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