Leff et al v. Clark County School District

Filing 39

ORDER Granting 37 Stipulation to Extend Time re 35 MOTION for Summary Judgment . (Responses due by 6/29/2017., Replies due by 7/27/2017.) Signed by Judge Richard F. Boulware, II on 6/8/17. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - ADR)

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1 CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL 2 S. SCOTT GREENBERG, ESQ. Nevada Bar No. 4622 3 5100 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 4 (702) 799-5373 Email: sgreenberg@interact.ccsd.net 5 Attorney for Defendant, CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 6 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 7 DISTRICT OF NEVADA 8 CASE NO.: 9 JILL LEFF, et. al, 2:15-CV-01155-RFB-GWF Plaintiffs, 10 STIPULATION TO EXTEND TIME FOR v. REMAINING BRIEFING ON PARTIES’ 11 MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, a 12 county school district, (First Request) 13 Defendant. 14 COME NOW, the parties, by and through their attorneys of 15 16 record, and hereby stipulate and agree to extend the time for the 17 remaining briefing with respect to the motions for summary judgment. 18 Defendant’s summary judgment motion (Docket No. 35) was filed May 19 25, 2017. Both Plaintiffs and Defendant filed motions for summary th 20 judgment on May 25 and their respective responses are due June th 21 15 . The parties request fourteen (14) day extensions for filing 22 responses and reply briefs. Responses would be due June 29, 2017, 23 and the reply briefs (normally due fourteen (14) days later) would 24 be due July 27, 2017. This is the first request to extend the time 25 for filing the remaining summary judgment briefs and is not made for 26 any reason of delay but because of counsels’ recent work commitments 27 and July schedules. 28 Since the filing of the motions for summary judgment, defense counsel has motions for summary judgment due in two other federal 1 cases (plus responses due in one of those matters to the plaintiff’s 2 recent requests to reopen discovery and amend complaint) prior to 3 June 15th, a response due to an OSHA employee retaliation complaint, 4 an employee dismissal arbitration on June 6th, and will be in 5 depositions for several days in another federal case to conclude 6 depositions by the June 15th discovery deadline in that matter. 7 Additionally defense counsel’s office is moving June 9th so his 8 office must be packed by the end of June 8th and the move, including 9 computers, is to take place on June 9th and through the weekend, 10 therefore it is expected this will take up defense counsel’s time 11 immediately before June 8th and into the next week. Plaintiffs’ 12 counsel has been involved in two (2) arbitrations since the filing 13 of the motions for summary judgment and recently had the briefing 14 schedule restarted without prior notice in a complex appellate 15 matter that had been stayed which is expected to take significant 16 time. Given counsels’ other work commitments, it is respectfully 17 requested that the remaining briefing schedule be extended as 18 indicated below to allow sufficient time for counsel to prepare and 19 complete briefs on behalf of the respective clients in this matter. 20 / / / 21 / / / 22 / / / 23 / / / 24 / / / 25 / / / 26 / / / 27 / / / 28 / / / -2- 1 Therefore, for the foregoing reasons, it is respectfully 2 requested that the time for the response to the District’s summary 3 judgment motion be extended to June 29, 2017, and that the 4 District’s reply brief be due July 27, 2017. DATED this 6th day of June, 2017. 5 6 CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Office of the General Counsel 7 DYER, LAWRENCE, FLAHERTY, DONALDSON AND PRUNTY Attorneys at Law 8 9 By: 10 11 /s/ S. Scott Greenberg S. Scott Greenberg Nevada Bar No. 4622 5100 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 Attorneys for Defendant By:/s/ Thomas J. Donaldson Thomas J. Donaldson Nevada Bar No. 5283 2805 Mountain Street Carson City, NV 89703 Attorneys for Plaintiff 12 s 13 14 15 IT IS SO ORDERED: 16 17 18 Date: June 8, 2017. U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE or U.S. DISTRICT COURT JUDGE 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 -3-

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