ME2 Productions, Inc. v. John and Jane Does

Filing 7

ORDER that this case is transferred to Judge James C. Mahan and Magistrate Judge Nancy Koppe for all further proceedings. All future filings for this case must bear case number 2:17-cv-00666-JCM-NJK. FURTHER ORDERED that plaintiff must file a copy of this order in any future case that it files in this district that is related to the Mechanic: Resurrection copyright. Signed by Judge Andrew P. Gordon on 4/4/17. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - MMM)

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1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 2 DISTRICT OF NEVADA 3 4 Re: ME2 Productions, Inc. Litigation about Mechanic: Resurrection 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 2:16-cv-02513-APG-NJK 2:16-cv-02563-APG-NJK 2:16-cv-02660-RFB-CWH 2:16-cv-02662-JAD-CWH 2:16-cv-02783-APG-CWH 2:16-cv-02788-RFB-PAL 2:16-cv-02875-RFB-GWF 2:17-cv-00049-JAD-VCF 2:17-cv-00114-APG-NJK 2:17-cv-00123-JAD-CWH 2:17-cv-00124-JAD-CWH 2:17-cv-00665-JAD-GWF 2:17-cv-00666-APG-VCF 2:17-cv-00667-MMD-NJK 2:17-cv-00676-RFB-PAL 2:17-cv-00722-JAD-CWH 2:17-cv-00723-APG-PAL 13 14 OMNIBUS TRANSFER ORDER 15 16 Plaintiff ME2Productions, Inc., through attorney Charles Rainey, Esq., has filed 25 17 copyright-infringement lawsuits in this district against various named and doe defendants, 18 alleging infringement of its copyright to a motion picture entitled Mechanic: 19 Resurrection. The allegations in each of these cases are nearly identical, save for the 20 different IP addresses through which ME2 claims that the defendants used to access the 21 film. 22 Having reviewed these cases, the judges of this district have concluded that 23 judicial economy will be served by transferring all of these ME2 Mechanic: Resurrection 24 cases to a single District Court Judge and Magistrate Judge. Accordingly, THE 25 UNDERSIGNED JUDGES—exercising their discretion under local rule 42-1(a) and the 26 court’s inherent power to control the management of the docket and in order to foster 27 judicial economy—HEREBY ORDER each of these cases to be TRANSFERRED to 28 Judge James C. Mahan (who was assigned the earliest open case, 2:16-cv-02384-JCM- 1 PAL) and Magistrate Judge Nancy Koppe for all further proceedings: 2 2:16-cv-02513-APG-NJK 3 2:16-cv-02563-APG-NJK 4 2:16-cv-02660-RFB-CWH 5 2:16-cv-02662-JAD-CWH 6 2:16-cv-02783-APG-CWH 7 2:16-cv-02788-RFB-PAL 8 2:16-cv-02875-RFB-GWF 9 2:17-cv-00049-JAD-VCF 10 2:17-cv-00114-APG-NJK 11 2:17-cv-00123-JAD-CWH 12 2:17-cv-00124-JAD-CWH 13 2:17-cv-00665-JAD-GWF 14 2:17-cv-00666-APG-VCF 15 2:17-cv-00667-MMD-NJK 16 2:17-cv-00676-RFB-PAL 17 2:17-cv-00722-JAD-CWH 18 2:17-cv-00723-APG-PAL 19 IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that plaintiff must file a copy of this order in any 20 future case that it files in this district that is related to the Mechanic: Resurrection 21 copyright. 22 DATED this 4th day of April, 2017 _______________________________ __________________________ ___________ ______ James C. Mahan James United States District Judge United ited District i 23 24 25 _______________________________ Richard F. Boulware United States District Judge ________________________________ _______________________ _ __________ ________ Andrew P. Gordon drew P r United States District Judge District Judge t 26 27 28 ________________________________ ___ __ ___________________ __ _ Jennifer A. Dorsey nifer A. Dorsey f s y United States District Judge ed States District Judge c ________________________________ ___________ ________________________________ _ ___ Miranda M. Du Miranda M. a United States District Judge 2

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