Composite Resources Inc v. Recon Medical LLC

Filing 41

ORDER granting ECF No. 40 Motion for Leave to Appear Telephonically. Signed by Magistrate Judge Cam Ferenbach on 7/19/2017. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - KR)

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4 V.R. Bohman (Nevada Bar #13075) SNELL & WILMER L.L.P. 3883 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 1100 Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 Telephone: 7 02.7 845200 Facsimile: 7 02.784.5252 Email: 5 Sid Leach, Esq. 6 One Arizona Center 400 E. Van Buren Phoenix, Ãrizona 85004 -2202 Telephone: 602.382.6000 Facsimile: 602322.0430 Email: (Pro Hac Vice Application Pending) 1 2 ô J SNELL & V/ILMER 7 8 9 10 11 Fr 0J I dl tjt t: I 12 : Y ã^ 13 ,õ6 ;; :i > Õ > IgË{n ) >"+uzP 4) =o ' Ir t I l¿ = II Li I-.I-.P. William Y. Klett,III NEXSEN I PRUET 1230 Main Street, 700 Columbia, South Carolina 29201 Telephone: 803.253.8205 Facsimile: 803.727 .1452 Email: (Pro Hac Vice Application Pending) 14 í,t *Å :li'. ãg ¡i Øl f 15 Attorneys þr Plaintiff Composite Resources, Inc. I6 I.INITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 17 DISTRICT OF NEVADA 18 COMPOSITE RESOURCES, [NC., t9 Case No. 2:17 -cv -01755-MMD-VCF Plaintiff, 20 VS 2l RECON MEDICAL,LLC, 22 Defendant. 23 24 25 26 2l 28 PLAINTIFF COMPOSITE RESOURCES, INC.'S MOTION REQUESTING TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE AT JULY 28,2017 STATUS HEARING 1 2 Composite Resources, Inc. ("CRI"), by counsel, hereby files its Motion Requesting Telephonic Appearance at the July 28, 2017 Status Hearing (the "Motion"). J In support of the Motion, CRI states as follows: 4 1. On July II,2017, this Court entered an Order scheduling a status hearing (the 6 "Order") in this matter for July 28,2011 at 10:00 a.m. (the "Status Hearing"). See, ECF No. 37. 2. CRI's local counsel, V.R. Bohman of Snell & 'Wilmer, l.l.p. will attend the Status 7 Hearing in person. 8 3. 5 9 10 11 t2 l¡r = glãe y lrl .r io I :í l ô > IgËËF I I Lt J =ot-zP 4) t è4 i,: -r I 5¡ YÉ CRI seeks leave of Court for its co-counsel, William Y. Klett, III, Esq. of the law firm of Nexsen Pruet to participate in the Status Hearing by telephone. 4. Mr. Klett's pro hac vice application is now pending before this Court, and CRI is aware of no reason why the application should not be granted. 5. Good cause exists to grant Mr. Klett permission to participate in the Status will otherwise be required to travel from South Carolina, incurring 13 Hearing by telephone as he I4 significant and unnecessary costs. ' õlaa cl UDI Ë"1 Ë Ë 15 I6 17 18 6. CRI anticipates that Mr. Klett will meaningfully participate by telephone in all respects as may be necessary. WHEREFORE, CRI, by counsel, respectfully requests that CRI's co-counsel, William Y. Klett, III, Esq. be granted leave to participate in the Status Hearing by telephone. t9 20 2l 22 23 24 25 Respectfully submitted this 18th day of July, 2017 . The call-in telephone number is (888)273-3658, P SNELL & WILMER access code: 3912597. The call must be made five minutes prior to the hearing time. The court By will join the call and convene the proceedings. Bar 13075) The call must be made on a land line. The use of 3883 Howard Hughes Parkway a cell phone or speaker phone during the Suite 1100 proceedings is prohibited. Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 26 Attorneys for Plaintiff Composite Resources, Inc. 27 28 7-19-2017 ., -L- CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I 2 I hereby cerlify that on / & , 2017 ,I electronically transmitted the foregoing J PLAINTIF'F COMPOSITE RESOURCES, INC.'S MOTION 4 TELEPHONIC APPEARANCE AT JULY 28, 2017 STATUS HEARING to the Clerk's 5 Office using the CM/ECF System for filing and transmittal of 6 counsel in this matter; all counsel being registered to receive Electronic Filing. 7 8 I fuither certify that I have mailed the foregoing a REQUESTING Notice of Electronic Filing to all document by First-Class Mail, postage fully prepaid, to the following: 9 10 11 Victoria Lamonte Eslinger, Esq William Y. Klett,III NEXSEN PRUET P.O. Drawer 246 Columbia, 5C 29202 J. Scott Denko, Esq. Att orney s /'or P I aint iff Composite Resources Inc Leah B. Moody, Esq. LEAH B. MOODY LAW OFFICE P.O. Box 1015 Rock Hill, SC 29731 John M. Bustamante, Esq. DENKO & BUSTAMANTE LLP 114 W. 7th Street, Suite 1100 Austin, TX 78701 12 lr o .: H ,z 'o lu *à+ JÉ jo ;1.ì TÐ: c) T4 l5 Attorneys for D efendant/C ount er cl aimant Recon Medical LLC oÞ c l= T U) 13 T6 17 18 ployee I9 20 2l 4822-1250-6955.l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 -3 - & Wilmer l-.t-.p

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